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Trusting yourself + your Intuition is an ongoing, daily practice for most of us.
It’s been quite a Iearning experience to trust my quiet inner voice in everyday instances, so I thought I would share one with you in hopes that it helps you trust your inner guidance a bit more.
So, I usually start each morning planning loosely what I feel I need to accomplish in a day’s time.  Meeting with a client, go by the grocery store, pick up girls for gymnastics, drop off returns for amazon, batch social media, walk + meditate.  Usual stuff.
One day while I was in my car, heading to my first task of the day, I asked myself, which way would be easiest, quicker, most in alignment with me?
There were at least 2 ways that came to mind I could go to reach my destination that felt easy + flowing with the least resistance. But which way? Do I really need to pull it up on google to see if there is traffic or construction? I needed a sign on what to do next.
Then I started getting green lights to go in a way I don’t usually go.
“Just follow the green lights”, I heard in my head. “Maintain a good speed, and turn when guided to turn.”
That’s when the quiet voice came into play.  By following those green lights, not only did I avoid a huge accident that I would have gotten stuck in, I was 4 min early for my appointment. Who knew?
You see, we are all wired to know at the moment what we need to do next.  We just have to slow down, pay attention, and listen, in order to see the signs….and trust it enough to follow them.
If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about listening + trusting your intuition. Many of us Generator types can feel it as a gut feeling, literally, uh-huh or un-uh, which is our sacral responding. In that situation, it’s best to be asked yes-no questions. Other times though we just know what is right for us at the moment.  We could hear something in the voice that is instructing us, see it in the signs like a green light versus a red one, or just know like a random thought that just pops into our head.  The thought might feel unexplained and totally illogical, but that’s fine. Most intuition is a trust factor since it’s information coming from a higher source and might not seem logical at the time.
I mean, you can’t know everything, can you? All the time?
I feel like it is part of the magic that is in all of us.  Even my husband who is super logical + refuses to acknowledge he is quite intuitive (tech nerd) using it often to problem solve.
We are all wired to be highly intuitive in some way.  Some are more practical than others, like creative problem solvers.
What’s cool is that your intuitive abilities often show up in your human design chart, too. Like proof that you are wired to receive information in this way.
It is even more powerful when you follow your basic strategy and authority.
You just have to know where to look and what to expect. Then when it comes to you, follow it. Sounds simple, but can be far from easy, right?!
So, do you know how you are wired to be more intuitive?  Take the Practical Intuition Quiz Now!!
Intuition is a natural part of all of us.  We all have it.  The proof is in your Human Design Chart.
With Grace + Ease, My Friend!
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