I love working with Soul-Driven Women Entrepreneurs like you

Do business more authentically + uniquely by using your intuition!

Is YOUR Business as Unique as YOU are?

As an Intuitive Business Strategist, I just love working with Soul-Driven Women Entrepreneurs like yourself ~ Coaches, Creatives, + others like Holistic Practitioners ~ who know they are here to make a difference transforming lives + want to stop struggling to make good money doing it.

Thriving Intuitive Business with Cristy Nix, Heart Sync

Create a Thriving Business with Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business Stratgist

When you do business from your soul, you just do it differently + THAT is the key to your success shift.  Trusting yourself to do business from the inside out ~ you will find more balance, more clients who love you + more confidence.  Exactly what resonates with your ideal clients.

So, I have a question for you: what are you feeling is keeping you from being more successful in your business?  feeling overwhelmed, scattered or frustrated?

I hear you.  I’ve been where you are right now.

Here is what one of my amazing clients had to say:

“Cristy Nix was instrumental in helping me understand the best way to communicate with others in business based on my personal style.  We created a strategy to launch a new direction for my business.  I’m excited about moving forward and feel confident in my next endeavor.  I am grateful for Cristy’s help in clearing the clutter to make room for the clarity.  I would highly recommend her for business owners wanting to take their business to the next level.”

Michelle Raines, @Marketing Inc.

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When I left my corporate marketing job after some intensive soul searching including, I had an a-ha ~ the discovery of my own life purpose:
  • Help entrepreneurs with a purpose, like you, to own who you are,
  • Know what you are here to do
  • learn how to put it out into the world in a way that feels awesome for you!

After 3 fairly successful businesses as an entrepreneur, I was pulled to take a BIG leap of faith + officially start using my gifts of intuition, communication, and creativity as a business strategist + consultant. Now, I love teaching you how to be YOU in your business, from the inside out!  As a Spiritual Guide + teacher with a knack for business, I have a gift for hearing you + what’s really going on from a different level.  Everyone has some form of intuition, I teach you to use it as a life purpose business Guidance system make your “business” side of things, like your marketing, + getting clients, easy peasy because it is ALL in alignment with how you are wired to work.

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So, what am I doing today? I now have a successful, sacred business that serves the clients I love most from around the world. I work while my kids are at school and earn enough money to live comfortably in the world and give to causes that inspire me.
What led to my transformation? I learned to uncover, own and profit from my purpose + my gifts in a way that completely transformed how I do business. And I can help you, too.
You are in the right place if you are:
  • an established entrepreneur who is thriving + wants to take it to the next level,
  • struggling entrepreneur ready to make the money and impact of a thriving business  (and claim your freedom),
  • ready to create more consistent income through the magic of technology and smart marketing (while working less),

I have been where you are and take heart in this:

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