So why Intuition + Human Design?

I believe we are ALL Intuitive, even if you don’t feel like it, intuition lives in all of us.

For a lot of us, trusting our intuition + ourselves is the biggest challenge we face when we try to learn more + develop our gifts.

So, how do we learn how to trust ourselves + our intuition more?

By learning who we are at our core,

how we are wired in our DNA to be intuitive

+ learning to start trusting ourselves to make aligned decisions + create opportunities in our daily lives.

Where do you start such a fantastic journey?

You are already moving forward just by being here.

I have developed my intuition as a great business tool + shifted my approach to everything I do after learning my Human Design.

It’s like learning my design gave me permission to be who I always was pulled to be and let go of all the ways I was NOT me.

It is freedom.  It is a Choice.  It is real.

And knowing it can change how you see yourself.



What is Human Design?

Cristy Nix SoulfulAligned Human design chart

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences such as the Kabbalah, Astrology, quantum physics, and the Hindu Chakra systems combined into one amazing self-awareness system.

Human design is the best way I have found for understanding your true self + others including the world at large.

With Human Design you discover what makes you different from everyone else.

It offers profound insights into your psychology, along with strategies and techniques for making aligned decisions

and ultimately leading to a life of more grace, ease + fulfillment.


I mean, there is only one YOU, right?  


When we feel the need to keep pushing to “make things happen”, it’s actually repelling our ideal opportunities,

causing us to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When we go against our Human Design strategy, we often end up doing it the hard way,

with the results less than stellar, drained of energy, and who has time for that?

Without realizing it, we are sabotaging our whole reason for being to begin with:


to be our true self + how we are innately designed to help others.

By not being our true selves, we can negatively affect ALL our relationships including our money, family, marriage, and even our health.

It’s time to find your own unique strategy to feel the freedom + satisfaction of a job well done.

It’s all part of our Soul’s Journey, and I’m here to help you


get clear, get inspired, + get focused.


Human design can help you learn:

~ How to handle unexpected situations

~ What you really need to create satisfying + supportive relationships

~ How you best manifest what you really want

And  MUCH more.

Curious what your chart says about you?

First step. Get a copy of your chart.

You will need your Birthdate, time, + location just like in astrology,

but this is SOOO much more.

Click here to grab a free clarity session, and I’ll run your chart for free.

Yes, I want a Free Clarity Session!

let’s start figuring out who you are, how you work, and put that in your business!

 With Grace + Ease!!




SOulful Aligned Human design Reading


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