“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you truly love.” ~Rumi

My wish for you:

To know you can grow your business in your own aligned way to be soul-satisfying + abundant with Grace + Ease.

 You are Unique, Divine, + here to change lives. 


So, how did I get started with Human Design?
I started out leaving corporate marketing to do something where I could be my own boss.  I was SOOO tired of being told what to do.  I’ve been a website developer (yep, I can write code), Interior decorator, Jewelry designer, Intuitive for hire, Hand analyst, business strategist, book author, and instructor…usually doing several at the same time.  A lot of balls in the air, but it kept me sane while it drove my Generator husband nuts!  I often found myself starting a lot of projects only to not finish them or pass them off to someone else.  Who knew this was how I was wired to be me? 
My human design did.  I came across Karen’s work back in 2014.  That’s when I found out I’m a 3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator or Time bender, so we tend to be a jack-of-all trades. 
Good thing, since I’m a serial entrepreneur! 
However, HD lost some of it’s fascination for a bit since I couldn’t quite figure out how to apply it to my business.
Then in 2019 I came across a love languages by design class + totally became obsessed with Human Design again.  I’ve been studying + experimenting with what works + what doesn’t for my design type, and I feel I have some insights to share to help you get started aligning your business with your Human Design.

When we feel the need to keep pushing to “make things happen”, it’s actually repelling our ideal opportunities,

causing us to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When we go against our Human Design strategy, we often end up doing it the hard way,

with the results less than stellar, drained of energy, and who has time for that?

Without realizing it, we are sabotaging our whole reason for being to begin with:

to be our true self + how we are innately designed to help others.

By not being our true selves, we can negatively affect ALL our relationships including our money, family, marriage, and even our health.

It’s time to find your own unique strategy to feel the freedom + satisfaction of a job well done.

It’s all part of our Soul’s Journey, and I’m here to help you

get clear, get inspired, + get focused.

I know you’ve heard a lot of the other coaches say it.  They started out in corporate, had a crisis of meaning, found their purpose + started changing lives with their work.  Well, it’s true.  I, too, started my own business after a successful run at marketing + event planning for a Fortune 500 Company.  I was really good at it, but my heart wasn’t in it, and I craved something more creative + free.  My web design business that followed allowed me my need for inspiration, meaning + more creativity.  But more than that, it was the gateway for my urgent need for freedom to be me.  My second business (yes, I’ve had 3), as a Sacred Stone Jeweler jump started my spiritual Journey, teaching me how to use my intuitive gifts on purpose to help guide + inspire others, even to the point of doing free Biz/life coaching at fine art shows!  Then, it came to me…I needed to figure out how to make money doing just that ~ being me.

Enter the curse of the entrepreneur…


I thought I could learn everything on my own until I realized I was REALLY busy, but not making the money I wanted to.  It was a total bummer.  I finally surrendered to the need to ask for help in the form of my first business coach, which was hard for a manifesting, intuitive jewelry designer.  After investing quite a bit of money into various coaching programs for my business, I realized while the nuts + bolts of coaching was great, it was NOT helping me make the money I really knew I could.

Do you feel me?  I bet you have been there, too.  Maybe you have the debt to prove it.  So, I asked myself, “Why wasn’t this working????”

Well, I asked, and sure enough I got an answer.  As I was getting certified as a hand analyst in 2012 after publishing my first book, Mommy-Sense,  I had a huge “a-ha” moment.  The business purpose I was focusing on was not quite resonating with me.  It felt a little off + not quite like it was me.  I realized I needed to get in alignment with a few key pieces of myself:   who I was, what I am here to do, and the best way to put it out into the world that felt natural + good for me.  Now, I had an idea of what I was supposed to be doing looking back at my life purpose: A Spiritual teacher with a knack for business, gifts of Intuition + Creativity with a message to share with the masses.   Kind of broad, but a good place to start. Yay!

So, Now what?

What caused my big shift from Sacred Jewelry Designer to Soul Business Coach + Marketing Nut?  Well, I was literally rocking my sick 2 year old at 3:30 am on a Monday morning in 2012, and was thinking, “wow, wouldn’t it be great to just get paid for helping others to be more intuitive?”  The idea was mind blowing!  Then I would not have to spend so much time making jewelry to keep up with the boutique demands, but just working with inspiring clients who want to make a difference + have the freedom to focus on their family when they wanted or needed to.  Yes, that is what I wanted to do.
How did I make it happen?  I learned to uncover, own and profit from my purpose and my gifts in a way that completely transformed how I did business. And I am confident I can help you to do that, too.
Getting clear on who I was + what I wanted to do gave me the ability to create a business that essentially runs during the day while the kids are at school.  I also have the means to be with them + support my family in living the life that suits us best.  PLUS, I work only with clients ready to make a change and are connected to their bigger purpose.  It is truly an amazing life with a business that loves me back!
And get this, you can do it, too.  I have helped so many inspired women entrepreneurs just like you to build thriving, life-loving business in a short amount of time.  It’s my life’s work, and I love doing it every day.
Even if you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, scattered, or just plain stressed out, you just might be surprised at what we can do together.
Let’s start you off with grabbing my FREE Biz Bliss Kit: 5 Core Building blocks to a Soul-full Biz that rocks!
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Are you Ready? Let’s Do this!
Yay! I am so looking forward to helping you find your business bliss + a lifestyle that support you transforming lives with your purpose!
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