Cristy Nix SoulfulAligned Human design chartHey, want to grab a FREE copy of your Human Design Chart?

Here are the steps:

  1. Click the Free Human Design Chart Link below

  2. Enter your details into the Genetic Matrix form

  3. Be sure to enter your BIRTH DETAILS in LOCAL TIME – the system will convert your birth time automatically into UTC time at the bottom of the form

  4. Click the Create My Chart! button to generate your Human Design chart

  5. Click the Save PDF button to download your chart

  6. If you want to run other people’s charts like your Human Design Chart, compare them, or learn more about your own, Genetic Matrix might be a great resource for you.  Click on the Membership Plans button to view options (this is an affiliate link.  I only suggest other resources that I use myself + feel have integrity + value.

Here’s the link: Get Your Free Chart Here!

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