Responding Like a Manifesting Generator

As a Manifesting Generator, you are a Generator type…

A Generator, in Human Design, has a life strategy to respond to what shows up outside of you, not initiate or “make things happen”.  As a Manifesting Generator, which is a blend of Manifestor + Generator, I can tell you first hand patience is NOT our strong suit (unless you have that gate).  So waiting can feel like a real pain in the ass for most of us Generator types, especially Manifesting Generators as we tend to skip steps we deem at the time unnecessary.  It looks like we move really fast, and we don’t really want to just wait around for stuff to happen.

However, for a Manifesting Generator, our basic strategy is a bit different from that of a Generator.  We are designed to find our creative or manifesting flow by following what we are pulled to do.  Then we find everything falls into place when we first respond, visualize, inform, + then take action.  You can totally tell when we try to initiate something that is out of alignment with us.  Pushing gets us really frustrated!

What does this look like in real life though?

Say you get an idea….especially if both your Head + Ajna are open in your Human Design chart. It’s super awesome (or at least YOU think so), but sometimes your ideas are not meant for you but for someone else in your energy (we have really big inviting energy fields).

So, what do you do?

Responding ~ pay attention to what catches your attention.  If it feels really exciting (lights up your sacral), respond to the Universe, “Wouldn’t that be awesome”? Remember you are asking, not telling, Universe to “yes, send that my way, please”  Don’t get caught up in the how… let that go for now.  You’ll know what to do when it’s the correct time (trusting yourself + the Universe is a daily practice for most of us).

Visualizing ~ Getting a picture in your mind, thinking what it might look like if it does come your way.  This might be hard for some of us, so 

often it helps me to write it all down in what I call brain dumping session.

Being an open Head + Ajna center, I needed to have a place to write down all your ideas like Evernote or a journal.  I use different notebooks for different ideas…but Evernote is online + crosses platforms.  Whew! Anything to save time, right?

Informing ~ This is simply telling others what you’re thinking without expecting them to respond or validate your thoughts.  These are just maybe’s as of right now, so sharing is just putting it out there so to speak.  I feel it speeds the process along by mentioning my idea to someone when I’m pulled to…but I’m just putting it out there…not asking for them to approve or respond really, just talking it out + sharing. It is amazing how fast things can manifest when we just share without agenda.

Inspired Action ~ Then keep your eyes open for something outside of your physical self to pop up for you to respond to physically from outside of you.  

What to do in the waiting or mean time ~ continue to move through your day to what you are pulled to do…write, do laundry,  or have wine with the girls.  This is the time to get busy tasks done while you wait for something outside of you to show up in your energy for you to respond to. 

When something does show up, and it always does, then you need to check in with your authority to see if it’s the correct thing for you to do right now.  Accept or pass.  You will always have a choice.

Divine timing? If your root is defined, you will innately know when it’s the correct time to move forward.  For me, it feels like an electric current that is either on or off.  If you do not have a defined root center (colored in on your chart), then you will often feel like you are under pressure to do something right now just to relieve the pressure.

Real-life example:

I’ve been having this same recurring thought over the last few months and was reminded this weekend how disappointed + rather disgusted I was that someone wasn’t teaching Manifesting Generators to be Manifesting Generators!

So I said something to my admin this morning as it came up in conversation and I felt the need to share it. AGAIN!

Then I let it go.  I went to my 11 am appointment straight away only to get home, check my email, and see this question from a client.  That’s a pretty fast turnaround time if you ask me.  It’s a sign (which is a big perk for us sacral defined, we can ask for signs and the sacral center will bring them into our energy for us.)

We are here to manifest awesome things and paying attention to our Human Design Strategy, Authority, + Intuition will get us in the right place at the right time. 

We just have to wait to respond.  If you’d like to talk about this further, join our Human Design Community on Facebook here>>>SoulfulAlignedHumanDesign

Hope this helps!
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