Ever heard the saying like attracts like? 


Now I have an idea where that comes from ~ your Human Design profile.


Have you ever noticed how you seem to attract a certain kind or type of person, especially when sharing online or in a group…one who get’s what you are talking about or is at least interested in what you have to say…and then the really interested ones respond to you, often sharing their perspective in conversation and if reminds you that this is exactly the kind of client, friend, mate connection you want more of?


Profiles are all about how you show up and what resonates with you verses what doesn’t.  That is in all relationships: friends, family, mates, money, alliances + even clients….and I didn’t really understand the importance of profiles until I stared diving into my next level of HD certification.


You see, I’ve been married for over 20 years, and it never ceases to amaze me at the friendship AND chemistry we have even now.  However, every modality I’ve come across like astrology or even hand analysis says we should not even be friends.  So, I’ve always wondered what makes us work.


One explanation I have found is your profile in Human design at work for you.


You might have heard me talk about Human Design over the last 2 years or so.  I just re-connected to this modality over the last 9 months, and I have to tell you I am fascinated!  It explains so much about who I am and what I need in relationships, especially as a mate, mentor + friend.


Human Design is a unique blend of several different practices all rolled into one: I’ching, Astrology, Hindu, and kabbalah.  I see it as the unique Meyers Briggs (which didn’t do much for me).  It’s all about figuring out where to start learning about who you are at your core, or your true self, and how to walk a path that is unique as your fingerprints.


Profiles are how you show up and respond in the world. There are 6 lines that make up the profiles, 1, 2, + 3 are lower triad and are focused on their individual path (creating karmic waves) while 4, 5, + 6 are upper triad and focused on influencing the collective (karmic healing).
Some of the lines are friends, called resonance, while where others attract each other and have chemistry called Harmony.  All the other combinations will show dissonance and might feel like conflict.


The first line in your profile is your conscious self, or how you see yourself everyday, while the second number is the unconscious self, or what you might know about yourself but cannot control.  It just happens.


Now, let’s get into the good part.


So,  looking at the key relationships you have now.  Are you attracted or just friends?  Let’s look at what your profile will tell you about your relationships.


The friend lines are people who have similar lines in their profile as you do, like someone who is a 3/5 is friends with someone who is a 5/1.  Both have a 5 line in their profile, so they will get each other, or resonate.


Attraction or Harmony lines are a bit different.  They are based on the lower + upper triads lining up:


1 line has chemistry with 4 line
2 line has chemistry with 5 line
3 line has chemistry with 6 line


If you are in a romantic relationship, I’d be curious about your profiles.  Do you have lines that attract or are just friends?  Don’t get me wrong, love can come from friendship (actually the 4 lines need to be friends first before getting romantic), but nothing can replace chemistry.


This is what solidified so much for me with understanding what made me + my hubby work.  He is a 4/6 profile (loves to be social + is a role model) and mine is a 3/5 profile (experimenter + share what I learn).  But it’s the 3 line + the 6 line that attracts.


Yep, solves that mystery.


With Grace + ease my friends!


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Written byCristy

I'm Cristy Nix, Highly Intuitive Business Strategist for Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs who are ready to figure out how to market, manifest, + sell with more grace + ease. I am a Certified Hand Analyst, Level 3 Human Design Specialist, + offer over 2 decades of experience as a Mom, Wife, + Purposeful Entrepreneur. I wonder what we can do together?

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