Overwhelmed and close to shutting down

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Are you feeling Overwhelmed and close to shutting down?

This is for you. 

The other day, I was chatting with a client who was feeling super-confused, overwhelmed, and close to shutting down.

Alongside some emotional stuff going on with family, she had a really overwhelming feeling that she wasn’t doing what she was ‘supposed’ to be doing, and felt like she was pulled 50 million different directions (all in the opposite direction of inner peace and ease).

Everything seemed to be just so much that she couldn’t see anything beyond it.

She had made a valid effort to shift.  Even after countless meditations, positive affirmations, and talking it out, she couldn’t seem to get herself out of this negative mindset.

So, she called me.  

It was immediately clear that she had completely fallen out of alignment with herself.

She’d lost sight of the way she loves to work, how she naturally responds to her inside and outside world, and had fallen completely out of step with her soul’s criteria for making decisions – especially about her daily well being, and the sustainability of the world she was creating.

No wonder she was so stressed out.

When something outside of us is dictating what we should be doing instead of doing what is actually best for us (and feels right for us), we’re essentially giving away our highest good in this situation.

The solution?

Taking a breath, sitting back, and looking at things from a little bit more emotional distance. 

Give yourself permission to sit back and assess how you feel on a different level.   

Often, we get so caught up in the emotions of things it clouds our perspective.

(And when our perspective is clouded, so is our connection to the Universe, and the life we are creating for ourselves). 

Remember: the Universe always tells you “yes!” regardless of what you ask for, good or not so good.

The minute you start being specific about what you need, you’re taking control of your life.

Your mindset is where your heart goes.

Once you’ve created a little emotional distance, take a minute to remind yourself of how you love to move through the world…and then shift your perspective to match it.

Plus alignment is just easier.


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