My Experience with Gate 22 in Human Design

Personally, I love it when a light comes on, and I have an a-ha moment.  I just experienced this with Gate 22 in Human Design.

It’s like “oh, THAT’S what you mean…”

It’s that moment of clarity when you realize what you’ve been doing all along was NOT in your highest good…and now you know why it was tripping you up.

The light has come on!

I had one of those moments last week with one of my support groups for Human Design.

You see, I was struggling with have a great idea, then taking the bait as I looked on social media and there’s someone else offering my idea. “What?!?”

So, I was asking my group if it was my sign that my brilliant idea I had was something that I was supposed to run with since I saw someone else offering it?

Because in the past, I’d see their offering + think “Damn, maybe that idea was NOT for me”

Then I’d get discouraged, in a funk, and drop the topic for a while until it popped into my head again in another form (Open Head Center + Ajna).

After chatting with my group, I realized it is tied to my Gate 22 in my Emotional Solar Plexus which is where our emotional responses live.

If you want to see if you have gate 22 defined, grab a copy of your chart here + come on back!

My solar plexus is defined in my Human design chart (colored in), so when I feel emotionally triggered, it’s where I start to understand why so I can become more aware + change my mindset around it.

Gate 22 is the gate of Grace or Surrender, per Karen Curry Parker, which was really hard for me to wrap my mind around until now.  I mean, how do you do Grace?

So, looking at Gate 22, my challenge I had with this gate is NOT trusting what you are being pulled to create is yours to create, and create it without worrying what others are doing. Just allow yourself to put it out there trusting it will be in your own unique way, different from others doing something similar.

I was getting caught up in what others were offering that was similar to my own ideas.

Instead, it’s trusting you will be fully supported in what you are creating as you share it with the world as long as it is truly yours + not someone else’s idea. And that’s harder to do than say.

Just Sayin’.

I have lost count of how many times I’d see another person pop up on social media offering what I was thinking was MY brilliant idea. I totally shut down + wrote it off. Dropped it like a hot potato.

But, what if that was a sign of “YESSS!” instead of “Hell, NO!”

I feel we are designed to be our own unique light in the world, and it’s a green light or a “YESSS!” sign when our brilliant ideas show up outside of us to respond to. That’s the strategy for us Generator types: You think of an idea. If it feels good + fun, so you let the universe know “Wow, that would be awesome”. Then let it go + wait for it to show up in your outside world without you prompting it as your sign it’s time to respond.

So, my big A-ha around my experiencing the gate 22:

You have to trust yourself + universe that you are having these brilliant ideas for a reason. It’s all about timing, and that’s what others offering what you were thinking about is telling you. It’s time.

That knee-jerk reaction of “oh, she’s doing what I was going to do, so now I can’t do it”  for me was a heads-up that I was sabotaging my forward momentum. Big Time!

Have you ever had this experience? Do you have Gate 22 defined?

Would love to hear your experience with it, too!

With Grace + Ease,
Gate 22 + Soulful Aligned Human Design Cristy-Nix

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