“So, are you having a good day?”

Wow, what a loaded question, yes? To be honest, some days flow right along and some days feel like an uphill battle like I can’t get anything right.  Timing’s off, people are off, everything feels like I’m pushing it.

And THAT is my sign to STOP!  Take a step back + a deep breath.  Somewhere either in my mind, heart, or spirit I am out of alignment.

So, how do I recognize that I’m out of sync in time to make it start flowing again?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to always feel in that flow of grace + ease?  Like you can’t do anything wrong?

For many of us, business is a part of who we are, part of our life as we know + create it.  It’s a piece of us. There are so many different facets that make us who we are, how we respond to situations + people, experiences outside of us.  We all have choices on how to react, what to go ahead and do vs what to not follow.

So, why do we seem to make everything so hard?

In this video I share how I identify when I’m out of alignment and how I get back in.  I hope it helps you see where you can shift your day on purpose from yuck to awesome.

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See you in the next video!


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