Fake Snow and spinning plates!


How are you? Long time no chat!

I know I went all hermit on you, and there is a story behind it I’m now ready to share. I’ve had some ups and downs, but who hasn’t right?

So – back in January, I slipped on some fake snow and busted my knee-cap.

(I know, I know. You couldn’t make it up).

I was at a science fair with my children, and the Universe thought that the best possible life experience for me at that moment was to render me at a snail’s pace for the following nine months.

Is there something you’re trying to tell me, Universe?

As it turns out…there was.

The Universe was trying to draw my attention to the fact that my business had become unfocused, scattered, and out of alignment.

I’d been completely oblivious to it for a long time, and it took some fake snow to force me into an opportunity where I had plenty of time for reflection.

On the surface, everything seemed like it was going really well: but the truth was, I was spinning way too many plates.

Being forced to slow down this way made me see that I was pushing things, instead of allowing things to unfold with grace and ease.

Despite my passion and commitment to what I do, things that should have been easy and enjoyable – such as writing content and connecting with my community – felt awkward. Nothing was flowing in the way that I knew it should.

Nine months later, I’m in a completely different place.

Not only am I recovering physically, but my business is recovering, too.

Everything feels so much more aligned now.

I’m focused. I know exactly what I want to share, create, and contribute.

I’ve created brand new offerings for my clients that are SO aligned with how I love to work – and how I can get the very best results for them.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you exactly how I transitioned from being unfocused and scattered to focused and clear (hint: it all started with going right back to basics).

But for now…I wanted to ask you a question.

Is your business flowing with ease and grace…or falling apart at the seams?

Are things coming easily to you…or do they feel forced, and rushed?

As an entrepreneur, do you feel balanced and grounded…or scattered and unfocused?

If you know things aren’t working as well as they should – and you’re not getting the results you know you deserve – it may be time to level up.

I’ll tell you how tomorrow.


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Written byCristy

I'm Cristy Nix, Highly Intuitive Marketing Strategist for Purpose-Driven Women Entrepreneurs meaning I teach you how to make money being you so you have a profitable biz + transform lives as you are meant to do. I am a certified Hand Analyst, Author, + offer 2 decades of experience as a Mom, Wife, + Purposeful Entrepreneur.

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