Why your Marketing is NOT working!

Hi there, Great to have you here.  So, how is your marketing working for you?  Not so fun?  Not getting the results you really want?  A bunch of hard work when you really want to be working with clients? Well, I here you.  Recently, this has been a big complaint from many of my clients, so you are not alone. Find out why your marketing efforts suck + how to change it Listen while I’ll explain why it might not be working for you and how to shift what you are doing to create more money, more impact, + more … Continue reading

Taking the stairs

  Hi there!  Have you ever found yourself in this position? Damn, the elevator is out, so now you find yourself lugging all your baggage up the stairs…and it is NOT easy work, either.  But you do feel accomplished when you get to the top, which was your goal to begin with, right?   If you are a purposeful entrepreneur, then your business is really not much different. When it comes to building a business that is rooted in who you are at your core, then there is no elevator to the top….you have to walk your own particular path. … Continue reading

Finding Your Voice

  Hi Inspired Entrepreneur!   Today I am talking about finding your voice, and why it is so important in your life + your business as an inspired entrepreneur. How many times have you been pulled to say something and stopped, maybe telling yourself that it wouldn’t make a difference or that it might sound mean or not be appreciated?   Here is my blog for the week that addresses what happened when I thought about not saying anything, but trusting Spirit, I did and amazing things happen when you speak your truth!  It’s like a crazy trust exercise with … Continue reading

Full Moon + Pearls

looking for “Crazy Trust Exersize with Spirit?” click here>>>   Ahh, June. Beginning of summer + the heat that usually accompanies it that makes you crave water. June’s traditional birthstone is the pearl, and I have heard you either love them or hate them. Pearls are naturally associated with the moon, so it is only fitting that we showcase pearls with this week’s full moon. Meaning of Pearls ~ Abundance, natural rhythms, calm emotions, following the ebb + flow of the tides. So, do you wear pearls?  When is the last time you wore them?   Buy this here at our … Continue reading