Quality vs Quantity

What does it really mean to really build an ideal audience that is in alignment with you? This reminds me of the pushing to get results vs attracting what you want by knowing how your personal energy works.
So, when you would rather attract than hunt them down, ask yourself these questions:
What intention do you have for this audience?
What do you want them to do for you? 
How do you know when you’ve built that audience who will buy from you? 
For me,  I know when I have a really good audience because when I put something out there I get a response…sometimes it’s a “Meh” which means “not right now but maybe later” or it fills up all the seats.  I might even have a waiting list, so I don’t feel any pressure for me to push to put 10,000 people on my mailing list.
Why?  Because for me, it’s really more about the quality than the quantity of your audience.  That’s when knowing how you’re wired + what you are here to naturally share with the world can help you figure out who that audience is.
Yeah sure, you can write up all sorts of demographics. You can have a laundry list of everything that you feel makes up who you want it to serve.
However, what you put out into the world: your energy, your words,  your vibration, all of that will attract a certain kind of person depending on your message.
That’s really the easiest way I have found to write copy and to know the one person you’re talking to.  Actually, let that person show up instead of you dictating who that person is. 
The way I’ve done that is quite simply by knowing how I am designed and allowing whatever I want to share with the world to be good enough.
Know that being true self and doing what is truly me instead of what others I think others want from me is how I have attracted my super fans… you know that handful of people who will always respond to your memes, always want to help you out + are more than happy to refer people to you.
Imagine having a whole list of super fans? What if you only had 100 or so of them? They could easily take your business into six figures.  So let go of the numbers + really focus on cultivating the quality of your audience.
With Grace + Ease!
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Written byCristy

I'm Cristy Nix, Highly Intuitive Business Strategist for Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs who are ready to figure out how to market, manifest, + sell with more grace + ease. I am a Certified Hand Analyst, Level 3 Human Design Specialist, + offer over 2 decades of experience as a Mom, Wife, + Purposeful Entrepreneur. I wonder what we can do together?

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