Not Inspired? Get Connected!

Hello, My Inspired Entrepreneur!   Cristy Nix, your intuitive business + soul alignment coach here, and I’m so excited to share something with you that I, myself have dealt with recently that has affected my personal + business life.Being disconnected.  It sucks, just in general.  In your business, it can mean no clients or sales for the week…month…months even.   So, what does it mean?  Disconnected is being out of alignment from the inside out. Your business is made up your heart + soul, right?  It’s an active part of you. So, if you are not feeling inspired, then your personal self is where … Continue reading

4 steps to go from Struggling to Thriving…

Hello, My Inspired Entrepreneur! Hope you had a great long labor-free weekend!  We were busy getting our house ready for cooler weather  (it’s like 100 here right now), so we can host our family happy hours for our neighborhood friends.  There is nothing more satisfying for me than to see something beautiful come from the effort I put in to making it happen…even if it IS 16 bags of mulch!  Phew!    Then you guys inspired me, yet again!   As I was checking email this morning, I read a few notes from inspired clients who don’t know the RIGHT … Continue reading

Need a fire lit under your Butt?

Crazy question, right?   But if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just plain stressed out over the results you are not seeing in your business, then you might find it hard to stay motivated, confident, or even take action ~ the steps you need to move your business forward for more money, more impact, + more fun! So, how hard is it for you to make a decision in your business?  do you feel like you need all the facts?  write down the pros + cons?  weigh your decision?  figure out the risks? or do you just run + jump … Continue reading

How ignoring my Intuition cost me my ipad!

Hi there,   Have you ever ignored your intuition, those subtle thoughts that pop into your head, and you think “Nah, I’ll be OK” or “nope, that won’t happen!” and then something DOES happen and you are like “damn, I should have listened then I would be dealing with all this mess!”   Well, join the club.  Even as an intuitive business coach, I still find myself on occasion ignoring my hints just like you because I cannot see what is coming down the pike.  It can be costly, both time + energy, but this time is hit me in the pocketbook…or … Continue reading