Practical Intuition 101- Learning to Live by it!

Jan. 25th ~ First Class day for Intuitive Development class series based on Sonia Choquette’s Psychic pathway book. This series of classes focuses on clearing out the clutter, getting clear, connecting to our higher self, and using the information from our intuition to live a life that is filled with guidance and clarity. What better way to start the year, right? Here are the details: 12 class series Dates: Start Wednesday, Jan. 25th, every other week for 12 weeks All Classes will be held at the Harmony~Balance center off 2222 & Mopac: 3321 Hancock Dr Austin, TX 78731. Downloads/recordings of … Continue reading

How to deal with a bad day

Got this from my Mommy/Biz group.  Wonderful so I thought I would share: How to Deal with a Bad Day Written by Christine Kane Let’s face it. No matter how much progress we make, we’re still going to have “bad days.” You know the ones. When the old critical voices are milling about drinking martinis in your head. You try to send them all away with your favorite powerful affirmation, but only a few of them even look up – and one of them turns away and snickers. So, what do you do when no matter what you do, you’re … Continue reading

What do you want to create in 2012?

Hiya!  Wow, the holidays are over and January is coming in fast.  I find myself thinking of what I want to create for 2012, so here are some of the tools & resources I use. Life Cycles by Christine Delorey ~ to find what yearly cycle you are in for 2012. ~ Susan Miller ~ monthly astrology to know what is coming in the next month.  Great heads up. Here is a list of events for where I will be offering readings and vision bpoard party to help you gear up for this new year.  It is a … Continue reading