About Cristy

I'm Cristy Nix, Highly Intuitive Marketing Strategist for Purpose-Driven Women Entrepreneurs meaning I teach you how to make money being you so you have a profitable biz + transform lives as you are meant to do. I am a certified Hand Analyst, Author, + offer 2 decades of experience as a Mom, Wife, + Purposeful Entrepreneur.

Running into communication + mechanical issues?

Hi All, Yes, Mercury is retrograde, have you heard of it? Maybe, but if you have experienced a higher than normal volume of communication + mechanical break down IE missing emails, appointments, car battery dies, or losing stuff in the mail, then you are experiencing mercury in retrograde….so, what does this mean exactly? In a nut shell it reeks havoc with anything communication or mechanical because it is the planet governing communication…astrologyzone.com is a good resource. It goes direct on Friday, so no worries…just make sure to pay attention to the details…all the ducks in a row, and roll with … Continue reading

Jewelry as business tools…no, really!

HI there, So, what is your favorite gemstone? As many of you might know, I started my spiritual journey learning how to use my intuition on purpose as a jewelry designer.  Yep, the stones would speak to me intuitively and tell me what they wanted to be named.  They would even show me pictures in my head of how to combine them for certain energetic reasons. You see, natural gemstones are organic and come from the earth, right?  They have their own energy and purpose.  I believe we are all drawn to certain colors and stones for a reason, and by knowing what … Continue reading

Want relationship advice?

Hiya! As humans, our ultimate goal is to love + be loved, right?  So, why is this the main department of things going wrong?  Does it have to be so hard?  Hell No!!! We just need to understand how our heart works and what we need in a relationship.  I mean, once you know what you need and how you approach things like love + what makes you feel supported will definitely help you to stop sabotaging and second guessing yourself, right? So, Send me pics of your hands (from your cell phone) and we’ll do a mini session around … Continue reading

Do you want a family Lifestyle Business?

Do you: Want to create more money in less time? Would like a more flexible work schedule? Want more time to be focused on your family + their lives? Want to take more “Me” time without the Mommy Guilt? Then YOU want a Family Lifestyle Business! Well, we are a unique bunch of women (and a few Men) who are Heart Centered Entrepreneurs here to change the world AND be great parents. And, YES we can do it all…and I have actually figured out how to make it easier on you to create the income-generating, Lifestyle-Supporting Business that allows you to fulfill your … Continue reading