Why your Passion Fuels your Profits

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How does your passion help you attract more money?

Have you ever heard the saying do what you love + the money will follow?
Or your money is in your passion for us Generator types if we use our strategy in Human Design?
For the longest time, I did not know what that really meant, and it felt like pie in the sky to reach it.  I’ve had 4 businesses and none of them I felt were super successful, so what the hell was I doing wrong?
As a manifesting generator, I love a lot of things in life + in business. Maybe that’s why I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for the last 20 years. You see, I have a lot of
 loves or passions: my family, gardening, dancing, Paleo baking, creating, personal development, intuition, marketing, communication, relationships, talking to animals…there’s a lot.
So the idea that just one of these is a pathway to manifesting a soul-satisfying career that also puts food on the table felt like a lot of pressure. “Just choose one”, my coach told me.  Nope.  Can’t, as a Manifesting Generator I meant to be multi-passionate so I can pivot when I feel pulled to on a dime if necessary.  It’s just the way we are wired.  Whew!
But how does our passion help make us money?
One thing that I’ve experienced lately is how not doing our passion can really derail everything else we attract into our lives including money.  It’s part of our manifesting process of how we bring what we really want into our immediate reality.
Let me explain how I see this working.  When you are doing something you love, it makes you happy raising your vibration to attract more things that make you happy. Tiny things like getting a parking space upfront to something big like an amazing project or new client. You tend to see potential in everything. Basic law of attraction stuff.
Now, let me clarify something. I see money as energy flowing around us like the air we breathe. It comes to us as an exchange when we are doing something we’re really good at or we love.
Passions = Profits for Generator Types

Have you ever been talking about one thing you really feel fired up about + then have a new client show up out of the blue?  Same thing. Money is the benefit or exchange of energy when you do something that satisfies your soul.
Feeling desperate + pushing to make things happen will only give you mediocre results at best + burn you out super quick. It could even make you sick, and who wants that?
That’s why it’s key to know what your passion projects are + do them regularly regardless of everything else going on in your life. Something to literally lift your spirits + bring you back into alignment with your true authentic self.
I’ve witnessed this personally. My Generator husband loves soccer.  He still plays 2 times a week after starting back in grade school.  A few weeks ago I noticed he was particularly grumpy, impatient, and short with everyone. I could hear it in his voice, he was so unhappy even when he didn’t realize it. I asked him, “what’s wrong?” His response was, “nothing, I’m fine”. Yeah, right.
Then I witnessed an amazing transformation in him.  He got asked to play soccer with a team he usually doesn’t play with and his whole demeanor changed in an instant. When he ran it by me to make sure we didn’t have any family conflicts, I could see the light back in his face + the excitement in his voice. My husband was back to his happy self and it made me realize he had been disconnected from his passion for too long.  It was surprising how it negatively impacted all of us.
You see, soccer is his passion project. It is what feeds his soul + allows him to do other things like his job that he’s good at but would not do for free, at least not to his job’s extent.
So, the question still remains, how do you make money doing something you love?
First I’d start with making a list: what are your passion projects? What do you really love to do? Would you do it for free if you had the means + resources? This doesn’t need necessarily to be work, just ways you love to spend your time.
Then look at your list.
What do people ask you about on your list? Maybe they seek you out for advice or to make them something? What do you love sharing with people? Then start doing that.
How? By Sharing of course. Sharing just to share because you feel it will benefit someone else is magnetic.  By not expecting anything in return, your sharing will naturally attract opportunities to you that may surprise you.
Not to say there won’t be bumps, discouragement, and frustration along the way. We are really good at getting in our own way + sabotaging the progress we have made, so remember it will take time. This is a process, your unique process + it will get easier if you follow what you are pulled to do + it feels fun.
If you’d like support in figuring out how to make a living using your passion projects, click here to see more.
With grace + ease my friend,
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