What are you so scared of?

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Wow, as I talk to more + more clients, I am amazed at how brilliant you are AND how fearful you are at putting yourself out there!  So, this blog post is all about the 3 Simple Ways to take the fear out of marketing yourself with confidence.  I feel you need to have these key pieces in place to really come from a place of confidence in your business!

How to marketing yourself with confidence

3 ways to take the fear out of marketing yourself!


Be sure to have a pen + paper handy to jot down notes.

And after you listen to the audio, please leave a comment or ask your questions, and I’ll see if I can help you get out of your own fear, and be more confident putting yourself out there.

What do you think the secret is to marketing yourself with confidence?  post your answers below…and on face book, too.  Oh, and watch for the next blog post!

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Cristy Nix, Confidence Coach + Communications Expert

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