Need a fire lit under your Butt?

Crazy question, right?   But if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just plain stressed out over the results you are not seeing in your business, then you might find it hard to stay motivated, confident, or even take action ~ the steps you need to move your business forward for more money, more impact, + more fun! So, how hard is it for you to make a decision in your business?  do you feel like you need all the facts?  write down the pros + cons?  weigh your decision?  figure out the risks? or do you just run + jump … Continue reading

How ignoring my Intuition cost me my ipad!

Hi there,   Have you ever ignored your intuition, those subtle thoughts that pop into your head, and you think “Nah, I’ll be OK” or “nope, that won’t happen!” and then something DOES happen and you are like “damn, I should have listened then I would be dealing with all this mess!”   Well, join the club.  Even as an intuitive business coach, I still find myself on occasion ignoring my hints just like you because I cannot see what is coming down the pike.  It can be costly, both time + energy, but this time is hit me in the pocketbook…or … Continue reading

Mindset of a Woman Entrepreneur

So, what does it take to be a woman entrepreneur?  Are you wired with different skills, talent, or knowledge? Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business Strategist + Coach After chatting with a new client, I realized sometimes we choose to be an entrepreneur and other times, it chooses us. I gladly chose to the an entrepreneur because being 9 to 5 was literally making me sick: too much stress, personalities, + politics that I didn’t want to deal with, and it was directly affecting my health. My newest client on the other hand, like so many of my others, chose the path of … Continue reading

Be Amazing!

Hi there, Thanks for coming in.   So, are you curious to know what really makes YOU amazing?  Let’s chat about what I have found to help you figure that out. On my journey, it has taken me quite a while to really understand and accept what I feel makes me, well, me.  As I work with more + more ladies on their businesses, I realize that the root of a lot of our business stress lies in not really knowing or accepting who we really are….like going against our very nature.  It is more than our talents, gifts, skills, and … Continue reading