So, what is a Visual Intuitive?

Visual Intuitive ~ also known as Clairvoyant, or “Clear Seeing”.  Your intuitive language shows up for you in pictures, a movie, symbols, or colors just to name a few.  If it is your Primary Intuitive language to practice, it will be unique to you in many ways, but the basic premise is the same.  


In human design, you might have the gates defined (colored in) around the head or Ajna. (chart pic here)   


As a Visual Intuitive, you tend to fall in love with what you can see.  A beautiful landscape, striking smile, or artistic expression is not lost on you.  One of the first things you notice in a person is their physical appearance + energy.  How vibrant are they showing up?  You prefer things to be appealing + pretty to look at, and you have a tendency to learn best by seeing what’s going on.  You might also receive insightful information through pictures in your mind, or 3rd eye, or even a movie.

Below are a few ways you can “read + connect” with others around you using this gift.  Remember that all of these will not apply to you.  Take what resonates and let go of the rest.

As a Visual Intuitive, you tend to:

  • be a visual learner 
  • love looking out the window or seeing the beauty in nature
  • day dreaming is common creative outlet
  • lucid dreaming or remembering your dreams
  • love people watching
  • can visualize different solutions
  • often pursue artistic endeavors like painting, sculpting, photography, architecture + film making
  • love good lighting
  • escape through TV + movies
  • often are good on video or like taking pictures
  • will likely notice when someone changes their website colors, fonts or energy
  • often say “I see what you mean”

My experience with Visual Intuition. My family often asks me where something is because it was not put back where it is supposed to live.  I just close my eyes and say, “Where are the zip ties he is looking for” and I get an instant image of a shelf with other stuff and realize where that is in the garage.  Done.

Ways to practice:  I often practice visualizing ideas coming to fruition or picturing what I really want to see happen.  As an Manifesting Generator in Human design, it is part of my strategy when responding to visualize, inform, then take action if it feels right. 

This is especially helpful for manifesting when you are a specific manifestor in Human design. They love having a visual to help then bring what they want to them, like a vision board or might be inspired by something they saw on Pinterest.

Inspiration can come for anything visually stimulating like art, nature, light, movies or TV.

Challenges: You may find yourself feeling visually overwhelmed by what’s going on around you.  You have a tendency to see things others cannot.  That is why people LOVE to ask for your perspective + advise. 

It can also be challenging to not feel scattered or unfocused.  One way to get present again is by grounding yourself.  You can ground simply by washing your hands, eating food that grows in the ground like root veggies + chocolate, or being outside in nature.

To protect yourself from overwhelm, practice placing yourself in a semi-permeable (things can flow in that are good for you + flow out that are not) bubble or white light.   Also, just step away!  A change in scenery to someplace like outside in nature is great at dissipating what you are seeing especially if it is someone else’s energy.

So, do you have the other Intuitive types?

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