Tiny Course
Profiles : Marketing by the Numbers

In this training, I’m sharing a more in depth perspective + personal experience of how to naturally attract an audience who actually wants to buy from you!
No more crickets or failed launches! (Yay!)

We will be including your Human Design Profile to better understand how you are designed to connect + communicate with your most aligned audience.

You can grab a FREE copy of your chart after you sign up.
Keep in mind: There is more to you than this. You are the whole of your chart, so if something doesn't quite resonate with you know that it is probably because there is something else in your chart influencing this for you.

Are you...

Tired of feeling like you have to work harder than everyone else?

Overwhelmed + feel scattered at what you”should” be doing?

Stressed about creating all the time?

Tired of sharing + not getting any response?

Tired of selling + not getting many buyers?

Tired of doubting + second guessing yourself?

What this course gives you...

An easy way to start identifying your personal marketing style

How you can work smarter not harder

How to attract your ideal audience instead of hunting them down

Ways to share that feel natural to you

Attract an audience who is already sold on you

What you receive when y0u enroll:

(Immediate access to the 6 tiny lessons with a total watch time of about an hour.

Resources + templates to help you apply what you learn!

What we are covering:

• What your profile is + where you can find it
• What it means for your marketing
•Attracting your ideal audience
• Putting yourself out there
• Getting out of your own way
• Marketing options for each profile

Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully so you understand the terms of purchase.

This course is offered as ‘self study’ and does not include any personalised coaching on how you can apply these teachings to your business.

Purchases are final. There are no refunds if you decide you don’t like my teachings.



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