So, you are a Knowing Intuitive…

A Knowing Intuitive:  often referred to as Clair-Cognizant, receives intuitive information often as “pops” that can seem random at the time.  You might have the ability to hear what someone else is thinking or know what they are going to say next.  You receive information through your mental body, so you tend to love to learn subjects that interest you + have to “Wrap your head around it” when trying to understand things.  You tend to say things like “let me think about it” or “what do you think?”.


Below are a few ways you can “read + connect” with others around you using this gift.  Remember that all of these will not apply to you.  Take what resonates and let go of the rest.

A Knowing Intuitive tends to:

  • Journey is through the mind: conscious, unconscious, and superconcious
  • Awareness is divine wisdom, knowing & being one with Spirit
  • Need is to understand; seek the truth above all else
  • Challenge is to transform thinking from ego to enlightenment to become one with spirit
  • Thirst to know, learn & expand their minds
  • Wants to know humanity, God, and know what is
  • Often systems oriented, intuit logic, predict patterns, and perceive the whole; data-gatherers
  • Mentally telepathic, drawn to metaphysics
  • Inspire others to believe and make a difference in their world
  • Can see trends in medical, science, development
  • Bring others to higher levels of wisdom
  • Need heart balance or may come off as genius but nutty because they cannot communicate their ideas.
  • Can become overwhelmed by own thoughts
  • When thoughts are not challenged we become negative and complacent.  Knowing moves us forward!
  • Receive info from higher source, but needs to be able to quiet that mind & connect/open up.
  • Insightful problem solvers
  • Need emotional connection of love & harmony to bring their big ideas to the world
  • Example:  Albert Einstein

My Experience: Have you ever heard of the saying, “When you know you just know?” Well, this is why.  Being claircognizant, things will often just pop into your head.  One time I was cooking dinner + I had a very clear thought “bring in the dogs”.  I thought to myself, the dog are fine outside, I’ll do it when I finish dinner.  Then a few moments later, I get the same thought, “Bring in the dogs” but a bit more intense.  I’m thinking I’ll do that in just a minute.  Then not 2 seconds later. “BRING IN THE DOGS” louder still.  I’m like, “Fine, I’ll bring them in” and not 2 seconds after the last dog came in did it start pouring rain.  Damn, if I had waited until after I was done making dinner the dogs would be soaked.  Lesson learned.  Listen, trust it, and do it.

Intuition Exercise:  practice sitting in a room with someone else and relax taking a deep breath.  Then ask yourself what are they thinking?  Listen to what comes + how it shows up.  Then ask yourself if it is yours or if it feels a bit distant like it is someone else’s.

Challenges: some of the challenges with this gift are:

  • you have a tendency to get confused on what is for you vs someone else.  
  • people seek your council because you just know what’s the correct answer.

Protection + grounding:  To protect yourself from taking action on things that are not yours, I suggest practicing placing yourself in a semi-permeable (things can flow in that are good for you + flow out that are not) bubble or white light using your mind’s eye or inner vision.  

You can ground yourself by washing your hands, eating food that grows in the ground like root veggies + chocolate to stay clear + present. 

Also, just step away!  Remember when something does feel right you can always remove yourself  for the energy around you + take a break outside if possible.  A change in scenery to someplace like outside in nature is great for dissipating what you are thinking, especially if it is someone else’s thoughts or feelings.

Hoped this helped you get clearer on how your intuition shows up.
So, do you have any of the other Intuition Traits?
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