So, what is an Feeling Intuitive?

A Feeling Intuitive:  often called Clairsentient, can feel emotions and/or physical sensations in their bodies.  Often from those around them, you have great insight into feeling if someone is physically hurt or in pain, unwell, angry, happy, or any other sensitive state.  You can also sense others’ moods and emotional well being. 

Below are a few ways you can “read + connect” with others around you using this gift.  Remember that not all of these will apply to you.  Take what resonates and let go of the rest.

Feeling Intuitives often:

  • often love being outside or working with their hands
  • Driven by the desire for transcendental love, connection, passion, and service to others
  • Emotions fused with spiritual aspirations lead to powerful inner experiences and profound sense of life mission
  • Passion expressed through helping & healing others
  • Courageous, unusually vulnerable & sensitive
  • Feel other’s pain & emotions, will sacrifice self to help another/most giving type
  • Can unify & motivate through heart centered passion & beliefs
  • Often take on others feelings causing confusion to why they feel something that is not their own
  • Can often have images with strong emotions like fear or dread with world disasters/trauma
  • Can move through and use the information of these emotions by staying centered and focused
  • Need to learn their intuitive language to understand the information coming in.
  • Need to practice letting go of emotions that are not ours and learn how to read heart energy vs. emotional empathy of others.
  • Physically: suffers from allergies, chronic tired, adrenal exhaustion, and 2nd chakra issues.
  • They pull energy from their own reserves instead of letting go of someone else’s stuff or to heal, and need to focus on letting go of what does not serve them.
  • Example:   Mother Teresa

My Experience:  Feelings can be tricky, especially if you are emotionally defined as well (in your Human design chart).

Practice: practice sitting in a room with someone else and relax taking a deep breath.  Then ask yourself what you are feeling?  Listen to what comes + how it shows up.  Then ask yourself if it is yours or if it feels a bit distant like it is someone else’s.

Challenge:  As a feeling intuitive or Emotional intuitive, you have the ability to read others emotions really well.  You can tell if someone is sad, angry, frustrated, and that  is why people LOVE talking to you.  However, you might have a tendency to take on others emotions in order to help them feel better to heal their pain.  Not healthy for you, though. 

To protect yourself from taking on what others are feeling as your own, I suggest practicing placing yourself in a semi-permeable (things can flow in that are good for you + flow out that are not) bubble or white light.  I do it first thing in the morning when I get out of bed.  That way I don’t take on anything that does not serve my highest good + let go of what is not serving me.  

Another way to not take on others emotional energy is grounding yourself.  Grounding yourself by washing your hands, eating food that grows in the ground like root veggies + chocolate.  Being present allows you the space to check in and see if something is yours or not.

Also, you always have the choice to  just step away!  A change in scenery to someplace like outside in nature is great at dissipating what you are feeling especially if it is someone else’s.

Hope this helped you get clearer on how to recognize your intuitive style!

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