Do your Human Design Centers have a voice?

How do your Human Design Centers sound to you?

It feels like I’ve always been able to hear voices in my head. Call me crazy, but my guidance often comes to me in very short, succinct, emotionless sentences. In studying human design, I’ve become more aware of all the Clairaudience channels and gates that I have which helped me unravel the mystery of why I can hear what people aren’t saying. When working with my centers, I realized as I tuned into them that they had their own distinct voice.
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In my personal experience, each center whether defined or not has a distinctive sound,  words, and even a feeling tied to them. It helps me to take a deep breath and shift down into my heart to tune in to those voices.  Their guidance, along with following my strategy, authority + intuition, give me the insight to better self navigate in a more aligned way. I find that most situations just work out easier with a lot less stress when I just pay attention to them.
So, I thought I would share my experience with tuning in to what I hear + feel for each of my centers in the hope that it might help you in hearing yours a bit more + even validate you’re not as crazy as you might think.
Cristy Nix SoulfulAligned Human design chart
In Human Design, We all have 9 centers that make up our Human design system.  For me, each center has its own voice if you will.  Defined centers are those which are colored in and give you a more consistent way of experiencing their energy, while the uncolored or white ones which are undefined, allow you to experience their energy in a variety of ways. 
Today I’ll be sharing my experience in having defined solar plexus, sacral center, root center, and spleen.  Having ALL of these defined does make it rather challenging to know when it’s the right time to take action and being spontaneous is something I rarely do. However, now that I can hear them,  I feel more confident knowing I need to pay attention to what they are telling me because it directly affects how I can feel best moving forward on any decision. It feels like I’m connected to another layer of my true self + Higher-guidance system.
As a generator type, it is our innate strategy to respond to things as they show up outside of us. Then by tuning in and connecting with our Inner Authority, our sacral, and/or in combination with our emotional solar plexus, we can determine if something feels right for us. Our root center will help us know if we have the energy to do it right now. Again, giving us divine timing allowing us to be in the right place at the right time. Our spleen will tell us if it is safe, as well as, an intuitive heads up, and our sacral center will give us a yes or no to whether this is in alignment with our true self.
So starting with our sacral center, which is our primary strategy for Generator types and authority for most of us generator types, sounds like “oh, how exciting!!” like a kid anticipating Christmas morning. I call it my “Chihuahua on crack” which is a bit more of a visual.
My solar plexus is my emotional authority (I am emotionally defined since my solar plexus is colored in).  It sounds like “meh” most of the time when something registers neutral on my emotional scale.  It’s when something feels really overly exciting like “OOO, I have to DO this”  or “HELL YES!!” that I need to wait out my emotional wave before saying yes.  If I get a “Nope”, then it means not today….maybe tomorrow, but not right now.  Since I’m also an individual wave(depends on the gate coming off your Solar Plexus) I know I need to sleep on it to get to a feels of emotion without attachment…clarity lives in that response.
My splenic responses are interesting since I have gate 57, as well as 44 + 32.  They make me dominantly clairaudient or clear hearing so I can hear what is not being said but meant.  While these are also fear gates, Gate 57 in particular gives me a heads up when something is coming that I need to pay attention to. 
The root center is interesting in that it’s our divine timing center.  It will tell you when it’s the right time to do something, and it often feels like a nagging pull.  For me, this center has the most defined gates so it’s something I really have to pay attention to on a regular basis.
My root feels like it has a current, kind of like an electric fence.  It pulses on or off. For me, my root feels like fizzy water bubbling at the bottom where I can feel the energy in my root chakra. When it is off it feels like nobody’s home empty of energy. When it’s on and it is the right time to do something, the message to take action can sound insistent.  Like when my mom was constantly reminding me to clean my room.  It can build + get to the point where you feel you might explode if you do not take care of whatever it is they want you to take care of.  I’ve come to realize the more insistent the voice, the more imperative it is to get whatever it is done because everything has its own time window and you could miss the opportunity if you don’t take care of whatever it is you’re being nagged to do.
So, what centers do you have defined?  How do your centers connect + communicate with you? How do you know which one is which?
If any of this resonates with you, I would love to hear about your experience.
With Grace + Ease!
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