So, you are an Audient Intuitive…

An Audient Intuitive:  also known as clairaudient or “clear hearing”, you can receive intuitive information through hearing it.  This guidance might come from inside or outside of your mind.  This voice is often called the “quiet voice from within”, and it may not sound like your own voice.  For the longest time mine came to me in iambic pentameter…you know, follow the bouncing ball?

Below are a few ways you can “read + connect” with others around using this gift.  Remember that all of these will not apply to you.  Take what resonates and let go of the rest.

An Audient Intuitive tends to:

  • notices the noise level in a room when entering it
  • music can be a big influence
  • Often say “I hear what you mean”
  • talks to oneself or others to figure out a solution
  • ideal career often involves speaking, talking or writing
  • in nature first notices the sounds of the birds, waves, or wind
  • people often tell me they love my voice
  • don’t like place where you cannot hear or be heard
  • love to relax listening to music or playing it
  • can hear subtle changes in a person’s voice
  • often pick up what is not being said
  • have tendencies to channel information like automatic writing
  • to focus often needs quiet or music/voices they can tune out
  • can often communicate with animals, angels, + spirit guides

My Experience:  This is my primary intuitive language as I have Gates 57 (intuition), Gate 22 (Surrender), Channel 12-22 (Openness),  Gate 38 + 35 which is 6 gates of  the Knowing Circuit.  Basically means I can hear what you are not saying.  Yep, it’s a little voice in my head, often.  I remember driving to the post office one day in July.  It was super hot, and I was thinking to myself “I wonder if it is time to start having kids?”  and then I hear a voice that sounded like it was coming from the back seat say, “Hi, Mom!” I almost had an accident.  Come to find out during a meditation that it was my first born, Carter, who still to this day loves to sneak up on me.  True story.

Practice:  Start sitting in a room with someone else and relax taking a deep breath.  Then listen with your eyes closed and they talk to you.  Have them tell you a truth + a lie and see what comes to you.  Ask yourself what are you hearing?  Listen to what comes + how it shows up.  Then ask yourself to convey it to the other person exactly as it comes to you (no filtering).  See what they say.  Did it resonate with them?

Challenges:  Since this gift is sensitive to sound, you have a tendency to get a bit overwhelmed with what you hear.  Others will seek your council because you can hear what others are really saying.  The noisy restaurant might not be where you want to have dinner because you cannot hear anyone else talking.  When you feel not heard, it’s your sign that you need to listen more.

To protect yourself from taking on things that are not yours, practice placing yourself in a semi-permeable (things can flow in that are good for you + flow out that are not) bubble or white light.  You can keep yourself present + grounding yourself by washing your hands, eating food that grows in the ground like root veggies + chocolate to stay clear + present. Also, just step away!  A change in scenery to someplace like outside in nature is great for dissipating what you are thinking, especially if it is someone else’s.


Hoped this helps you get clearer on how your audient intuition shows up.
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With Grace + Ease, C

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