5 ways to get through Mercury Retrograde

Yep, it’s that time again! Mercury Retrograde is here!!  yay. 

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological event that comes 3 to 4 times a year, like once every quarter even thought my husband insists its constant. 

This fall we are in Mercury Retrograde from Sept 27th to Oct 17th, 2021….and it’s not the only planet in retrograde.  There are like 5 more right now, so it happens often.  Fun, right?!!

Blog Mercury retrograde by Cristy Nix

So, What does it mean for you?  Mercury retrograde actually means the planet slows down to the point it feels like it is moving backwards.  All the planets go retrograde at certain times of the year.  Even now I think there are 5 in retrograde.

Since Mercury is the communication planet, it governs anything communication like contracts, technology, transportation + travel. 

It often gets a bad wrap for mucking things up, and it is true that I do see situations that usually would have just smoothed out be far more complicated than they need to be. 
But its not all gloom + doom, though.  It’s a great time to prepare for things coming up like getting your ducks in a row for your next launch, batching content, or going to the dentist (not kidding). 

You might have heard there are some things you shouldn’t do during Mercury Retrograde like sign contracts, do big pitches, or really start anything but I simply don’t agree.  I feel this is more of an awareness challenge.  

This is how I approach it; The more you slow down and are aware of what is going on around you, with a bit of extra care, there is no reason everything shouldn’t flow smoothly.  

For instance, if I’m pulled to do or offer something (Hello, Open G Center), then that is my divine timing saying “yes, it’s time”.  I just need to pay closer attention to all the details to be sure nothing is dropped or miscommunicated.

So, how can you move through the next few weeks with less stress + delays?

Here are 5 ways I do to move through MR with a bit more grace + ease:
1. Know your strategy + follow it ~ this is the basics of Human design where you are learning how to use your energy in your own natural way.  Following it will put you in the right place at the right time.  So much better than pushing or forcing things to happen bc we’re anxious to get results only to NOT get the results we wanted.  Find out your strategy here from your HD chart (free BTW).
2. Use your authority to make decisions + be ok with “no, not right now.” ~  Your Authority is also from your Human Design chart.  It is a specific tool to help you make decisions with grace + ease.  When you get frustrated or bitter about an outcome then that’s a sign you are pushing to make something happen against your authority.  It is your inner guidance for making more aligned decisions.

3. Be patient ~Yep, this can be super challenging especially if you are an MG who moves super fast through the world.  Slowing down is hard to do when you’re used to going mock 10 all the time, but it is necessary especially during retrograde.  So before you freak out over something not moving as fast as you want it to, pause.  Take a deep breath, and remind yourself “with grace+ ease”.  It helps.  try it.

4. Pay closer attention to details ~ I might have mentioned this before, but its worth repeating.  Double check that all the “I’s” are dotted + “T’s” are crossed.  It will help mitigate problems further down the line when things start to iron out as they always do.
5. Trust yourself more by using your intuition ~ if something feels off pay attention to it.  Like you get a little hit that you need to check on a detail or make sure something is clear, there is always a reason.  Do it.  It will keep you from having to do some of this all over again.  Promise.  Been there, done that.
So, Mercury Retrograde is nothing to be afraid of or meant to make you alter your daily routine.  Just be more aware of what’s going on around you, listen to your own inner truth + pay attention to the details. By doing these few things, you’ll coast through the next few weeks with more Grace + ease.
Hope this helps!!
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