5 Ways to access your sacral authority

For us Generators + Manifesting Generators, sometimes getting a clear response for our sacral authority can be challenging!

If you’re frustrated that nothing is working out the way you want it to, or tired of the push to make things happen only to get “meh” results, then let me share another way to knowing what steps to take next.
Let’s face it, we can all use some guidance, especially in these crazy times…but instead of going outside of self, let’s go inside.
I’m talking about accessing your Sacral energy.  In Human Design, Your Sacral is the most powerful motor in your body.  It responds best to yes/no questions and feels like a gut pull or response.  For Generators + Manifesting Generators, it is our go-to decision maker, NOT our head.  
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For me, I am emotionally defined, so my sacral response is when something lights up for me or grabs my attention as a possible opportunity to respond to.  I know others who have this as their authority and they find themselves pulled from their gut, or get an actually feeling in their stomach.  It’s a powerful tool, you just have to know to ask + trust your response.
There are several ways you can get a clear sacral response.  This is rather important for us Generator types  since it is the go-to for aligned decision making unless you are emotionally defined, which adds a step to clarify your process.  Authority is all about helping you make decisions that are in sync with your sacral center or body.  Not you mind, which is here to help you understand + assess not make decisions.  You can find your authority here with a free human design chart.
Asking guidance from your sacral can be done in several ways. It is simple to do but can be harder to recognize because it can show up in a variety of different ways for each person.  It’s a daily practice of tuning in + paying attention to your inner truth, so take it easy on yourself.  You’ll get this.  Being open to receive is essential, but you probably know how to do that already.

So, how can you get a sacral response?  

Here are 5 ways to get out of your own way + get a sacral response:

1. Asking for a sign ~ Yep, your sacral is the most powerful motor in the body, so it can attract what you want, you just have to ask. Like, “show me a sign it’s time to start back on my book project.” Or “it would be awesome to have someone cover all this water damage”?  Then wait to see how it shows up from outside of you + how fast.  Quite the experiment, let me tell you.
2. Yes/No Questions ~ Another way to access sacral energy is asking sacral yes-no questions and you responding in the moment.  If you are asked a question and get a pause instead of an immediate yes/no, then the question needs to be asked a different way.
Here are a list of starter questions to have someone you trust ask you in rapid succession so you get the hang of it.  They are simple like:
Do you like chocolate?
Did you eat breakfast?
Did you want to get up this morning?
These kinds of starter questions are to help you shift down + get out of your head.  When you’re just getting started, these are easier to answer if you have someone else ask them, but there are times you’re by yourself and you want an answer now.
3. Text to self ~ Yep. I send texts to myself. Crazy as it sounds, it works. I add my number into my phone and Use the little microphone voice to text button and ask my question and hit send and it sends it to me and then I respond to it.
The whole point of asking sacral questions is to get out of your head + into your body for a true self-response in the now.
The purpose of using a list of yes or no questions to see how they feel in your body because your body is what the sacral is directly connected to and that’s gonna be your sign of yes or no is that guidance like someone asking you to do something and you check in to see, yes, I’d love to but it feels off (not the right time, I need to sleep on it) or “Hell ya, I want to do this + it feels like the right time.”
When you resent doing something is your body is telling you this is not the right time to be doing this.
Using a pendulum, Cristynix.com4. Using a Pendulum ~ Another way to access sacral energy is using a pendulum. Yep, taking a few deep breaths and shifting down into your sacral to ask yes/no questions is easier for some of us. I also use this method to connect to my higher self to ask questions, too. Just a thought.
5. Flashcards ~ I have found flashcards or writing yourself out questions then coming back a bit later and reading them works too.
Well, that’s it for now. Practice asking sacral to show you what to do next and see what pops up for you to respond to + I hope this helps you work smarter not harder with Grace + ease.
Til next time!
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