Feeding your chakras

Hi there, March is National Nutrition Month, so I am inspired to write about feeding your chakras to benefit you on one of the 4 levels of self:  Physical.  We will leave the others for later: Emotional, Mental, and spiritual. Check out our class on discovering your chakras and what they can tell you coming up in March!  Contact me if interested:  cristy@practicalintuitive.com Physically, do you find yourself drawn to or crave certain foods that are similar in color or they are all the same type like root veggies all in one day?  or all protein one day but something … Continue reading

Celebrate the day!

This morning this popped into my head and I felt the need to share with you. Celebrate everyday and everyday things. See Celebration is an act of gratitude. I love to celebrate birthdays and holidays like the 4th of July, but what about the days in between? I say celebrate those as well with a little “Yay me!” Be it some quite time with a cup of your favorite coffee, or chatting with a friend you haven’t talk with in a while. Do something you love, but remember to love what you do without harming anyone else. Celebrate this little … Continue reading