Thought of the day: Brain Dumping

Hiya! While chatting with one of my Heart-Sync Coaching Circle ladies last night, Shirley Norwood, I found myself explaining how I jump start my day to be more focused and clear on what I want to accomplish and feel good about: Brain dumping. I know if sounds a little crazy, but I have found that before I step foot into my office ( sitting in the car, or at the breakfast table, or right before my morning meditation) I write everything down that is bouncing around in my head…brain dumping. It can be tasks, to do’s, wants, feelings, any thing … Continue reading

You can handle it!

This thought keeps coming to me, so I thought I would share it. Spirit, or God-Source, only sends you what you can handle. Regardless of whether you feel you can handle it. Spirit has that divine knowledge and can see the forest beyond the trees, even if we are caught up in the leaves. Have faith & ask for guidance, and everything will be ok. Promise!