Hermit Heartlines: A Discovery

I have  Hermit heart lines on both hands,  one is a little bit social, but not by much.  I know, you’re wondering what this means. For someone like me with the Hermit heart line, when confronted, I need a minute to understand how I am feeling, to get the lesson or message that is showing up (for me or the person confronting me) and then articulate aloud from a space that feels good to me….a space that is heart centered. What spawned this insight, you ask?  In a word, my dad.  He has never really “gotten” me and usually thinks … Continue reading

What do YOU want to feel in 2013?

Hiya, how was your holiday break?  Mine was crazy with family and kids running every where, but a lot of fun, too.  Now I’m back in the work space preparing for my upcoming year, and reading Danielle La Port’s Desire Map off her website (daniellelaport.com).  and I am inspired. As you can see in the advertisements and emails flying around, everyone wants to clear out and plan for our new year ahead.  Reading the Desire Map, I have had an “a-Ha!”  As many of you know, I have used a heart centering technique for years to help my clients get … Continue reading