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“How to finally stop struggling to get clients and fill your practice in 2015”

On this call I am going to teach you how to tweak + modify what you already know to make it reach + resonate with your ideal clients.

Stop struggling to get clients-free call

In this FREE call you will discover:
~ Why clarity is magic
~ How gaining trust is a key to unlocking your sustainability
~ How to make confident action your game changer

I am introducing you to my own formula that has helped me get confident + get awesome clients, and I’ll share how you can personalize it finally get the clients who will love + trust you!

Here are the call in details:
December 3rd, 2014
1 pm CST/ 2 pm EST/ 11 am Pacific Time

Call in number: 760-984-1000, participant code: 504030#

Exciting stuff! Cristy Nix, Alignment Business strategist + hand analyist