Current Programs & Packages

Current Programs & Packages~

Hiya, My Heart-Centered Entrepreneur!

Wondering about what you are supposed to be doing or what to do next to level up?  I can help!

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner, Coach, or Healer, you will be amazed at what comes through about you in your HANDS!  Yes, your soul has left you a map containing your Life Theme or “Big Picture”, your Spiritual Purpose, your Blind spots, and I am here to translate them into everyday language for you.  My purpose is to transform how you see yourself and what you need to take action is real, doable steps.  I am passionate about helping you become more intuitive and integrating that into your daily lifestyle & business with Purpose!  You already have the secrets to unlocking your potential inside you, and I can guide you through the process and teach you how to do it for yourself!

Request your free Get to Know Each Other session and we’ll discover if this is a good fit for you now.

Just wanted to say thank you again for helping me on Saturday. I know it is your job, but I can tell you care and want to help people. It is so helpful to have someone to turn to that can help with my messed up, whacked out life that I’m in right now. Well, I am very grateful for you. Some day, I will pay it forward. Looking forward to “my handprint’ appointment. Thanks again for doing what you do! ~ LoNelle

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