Heart-Sync Coaching Circle

Heart-Sync Coaching Circle for Women Entrepreneurs

Use your heart as your Guide to make this your best year yet!


No one does business like you do.

You live what you do because it is part of you, and your love is reflected in how you do it. Learn how to leverage your gifts to make better business decisions, express your heart in your work, and find what it means to be balanced in your daily world all while making a difference.

This unique 6-month support team is coming together to boost your business life, be in alignment with your heart, and cultivate a thriving bottom line…

It’s all in you, and this program will help you practice accessing it, on Purpose.

Know how to leverage your unique gifts

  • Make better business decisions
  • Make more money as a reflection of how you are doing business
  • Get focused direction
  • Be the naturally wise woman that you are!

Whether you have your own business or want to make that shift into more fulfilling work, this group of heart centered women is already to be part of your tribe. Together we can create relationship based business on what you love using your own gifts as a naturally wise woman.

Get Inspired, get focused, get direction, and build the love of what you do naturally, all while getting paid for it.

A Bonus call is included for all who join, to focus on those relationships closest to your heart and help you know your unique balance.

Remember, what you want to feel is what you will create.

Love what you do and money will reflect that you are on the right track.

Let’s transform how you are in the business of your life from the inside out, and watch how all your relationships benefit from your heart-centered love.

You are the heart of what you share with your clients. Share your gifts generously and they will line up to pay you for it.

I’m only taking 6 special women on this journey of love & personal growth.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?  

Request your free Get to Know Each Other session and we’ll discover if this is a good fit for you now.

This is a personal coaching group where you decide what you want to focus on.  I will teach you how to be more heart centered by helping you get clear on how you want to feel, then setting intentions and goals to be in alignment with those feelings.  This process will change your perspective on how you see yourself, your business, how you connect with your kids, mate, your friends and family.  Everyone around you will be happier because you are.

Some things we will work on:

  • Setting your intentions & goals based on how you want to feel
  • to give you clarity, direction, inspiration, and individual guidance  to follow those feelings
  • lovingly bring those ideal clients and opportunities straight to you
  • Practice an essential part to creating what you want on purpose
  • Be able to roll through challenges and know what they really mean for you
  • Know what it means to be in your natural rhythm and how to get there
  • Actions to support what it is that you intend to ensure you create what it is that you really whole heartedly want to create.

Isn’t that what you want? to feel great in everything you do, right?

  • (2) 30 min 1 on 1 calls specifically focused on your needs
  • (2) 60 min. call/meeting focused on group support
  • Email access with Cristy each month for additional support
  • Private access to the Heart-Sync Facebook group
  • PLUS (2) 30 min “SOS” call when you need it


Heart Sync Coaching Group for Women Entrepreneurs
is a Heart based personal coaching program:
because when you follow your intuition and
feel good about who you are
and what you are doing you naturally
create great things all around you.
Start at home with you!