Facets of Self

Facets of Self – Understanding who you are and how you work

Life Purpose in your finger prints: Are you living your life purpose? Your life purpose is in your fingertips unique only to you. After having your hands printed, we dive deep and really get to know your life purpose blueprint including what it all means, what it looks like for you in daily life, and how to positively move through your life lessons and live your personal exalted life lesson keeping in mind your life school.
1.5 hour recorded session

Gift Markings in your hands: Know what your gift markers are? If you are not using them, you might feel stuck, cannot make decisions easily, or chasing your tail. Your Gift markers are in your hands and repeated on other parts of your body. This is not palmistry, but scientifically proven patterns in your own dynamic blueprint. Want to know what you are really meant to do? Then this is the place to find out.  1.5 hour recorded session

Your Intuitive Type: So, what type of intuitive are you? Do you even feel intuitive? We are all wired to receive information with all four types of intuition. As you begin learning, some intuitive styles may be stronger for you than others. Your ultimate goal is to connect and develop all four type of intuition types to strengthen their power. Improving your connection to your intuition will ultimately help you to make better decisions for yourself, your business, and your relationships. 1.5 hour recorded session

Your Intuitive Language: What is your intuitive language? Do you see pictures in your mind of which idea will work as a solution? Do you talk to yourself and get an answer? Do great ideas just pop into your mind? Or do you just feel what is right? Learn how to access and trust this inner guidance on purpose, what it looks like for you and then how to make sense of it. We all have a natural way to know things outside of ourselves, even if we do not feel that we are intuitive. 1.5 hour recorded session

Enneagram: Are you a take charge kind of person or prefer to go with the flow? Do you just want to help everyone or feel there is always something better to do? This personality tool is rather eye-opening to self-discovery and learning the “why” part of how you are intuitive. It is the most concise tool I have found for knowing why you think and act the way you do. We will also look at your relationships with other people in your life, in order to better understand them. 1.5 hour recorded session

Astrology: What’s your sign? Ever wonder what that means for you? We will use this tool to access your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign to get a clearer picture of how you are designed to use your intuition, as well as gaining life purpose insight from prenatal Solar and Lunar Eclipse information. 1.5 hour recorded session

Intuition and the Chakras: Ever go with your “gut instinct”? Get tension headaches that feel like you are overextending your brain? There are several ways to access our intuition and the 7 energy centers of the body are key access points for you. We will discover how you use your chakras now, how to clear them out, and then learn how to access the information they have for you.  1.5 hour recorded session

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