I know many of you have taken the classes, workshops, + even coached with some pretty high end “experts” only to not get the results you thought you would get.

Why is that? You did everything right…why Law of Attraction needs to be tweaked by Cristy NixWell, it is something the other coaches, teachers, and online gurus aren’t telling you, whether they are aware of it or not…when you emulate what someone else has done down to the last “T”, 9 times out of 10 it won’t land or resonate with your audience.  Why?  because they are not YOU.  Plain + simple.  And your super smart audience gets that, hence the disconnect.

It’s like talking to a long time friend, and the words coming out of her mouth + the mannerisms are not her…but the body + voice are.  Like she is possessed or something.  You KNOW something is up, and it’s NOT right.  Just disconnected…nothing like who you know her to be.  Feel creepy?  That is what your audience feels when you send something out in a way that is not naturally you.  It feels off.

Like maybe you are coming from a place of fear or lack, like you HAVE to have someone sign up for your program, or you will die!  That will NOT land with your audience either, meaning you will get little to no response.  Which is why so much marketing is throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.  You are trying to figure out the long, tedious hard way to know how you connect + communicate best with your ideal client.

Solution?  You have to modify or shift the tool or technique you have learned + want to use to fit who you are.  Simple, right?  Do you know who you are to shift it?  That’s what I pull out of you in a nut shell.

So, what does this have to do with the law of attraction?  Same thing.  The law of attraction is a concept.  Intangible.  You have to bring it into concrete, tangible action to actually make it work.

For instance, I was chatting with a friend of mine + she said she often set intentions to attract what she wanted, but she soon realized they only came about ONLY if she knew how to ask in a way that was in alignment with her values, priorities, + desired feelings, otherwise it would fall flat.

Even the law of attraction has to be tweaked or shifted to make it work for you.  We are all unique in: how we feel, how we make things happen, how we respond best, how we communicate, + how we share our wisdom.  It is our own signature formula to creating a successful, authentic business.

So, how do YOU find your signature business formula?  Start by paying attention to what feels good for you, what doesn’t, what your values, priories, and intentions are.  Then accept + own that is what you need + want in your business + your life.  Finally, check it against what you are already doing in your business + what you are drawn to do.  Modify as needed.

Sound like a lot?  I’d be happy to brainstorm with you to get you clear + heading in YOUR right direction.  It’s Free for you. My Gift.
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