Hiya, just a little story of something that happened while getting my blood drawn today….

Waiting for my name to be called in the lab office, I can hear a new little one screaming his head off…scared and in pain.  For anyone with an emotional heart or kiddos, it hurts to hear it.  I personally wanted to go storming back there and tell that mama to hold or nurse her kiddo to help keep that child out of months of therapy!  Sweet God in Heaven.  Don’t you know that little one needs your comfort to know everything will be alright!!!

Anyway, I didn’t, but when I was called back, I mentioned it to the student phlembotomnist who was getting ready to stick me.  She said she had to observe, and everything in her being was screaming for the mother to at least hold the child.  I asked her why she didn’t say anything.  She said she questioned herself saying “who am I to know what is needed here?”

I suggested to her next time to trust her instincts because that is EXACTLY what that baby needed in that moment, that her instincts were right on…when she realized that she could have saved that baby some pain + discomfort, she felt bad she didn’t say something.  I asked her what she was going to do next time, because there would be a next time.  She said she is going to step up and say something.  Good for her!

So, how many of us have been in a situation where we KNEW there was something that needed to be done differently, or changed, or said and hesitated?  All of us, I’m sure.  Now, think about how much stress, pain, and worry could be alleviated if you had just stepped up?  What is the real cost of not trusting your instincts?  Your self?

My wish for you is to live life trusting your inner self, knowing you are made to change lives starting with you.  So, contact me if you want to learn how to trust your instincts as a habit so that you naturally create a thriving business life + personal relationships that love you back! cristy@cristynix.com

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