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Heart Sync Mentoring Circle for Mompreneurs

Wow, as women we really want to do it all…and what is crazy is that we know we can! So, what is keeping us from being more successful?  Why is is so stressful to help change the lives of others as we are pulled to do AND be an amazing and present parent?  I hear you and I am right there with you, sister!

Many of us were entrepreneurs before we became parents, thinking, “I can do this, too!”  or maybe you are an entrepreneur BECAUSE you are a mom thinking it is the best way to stay home with your kids AND bring in some income.  Why did we decide to do 2 of the hardest jobs known to man at the same time?  Well, I have thought about this and came up with an answer… because we know we can.   We  are entrepreneurs because we see the potential in others, how to make things better, and feel the pull to share them with the world…we are here to change lives for the better.  The same is true for parenting.  We brought these gifts of our little ones (and maybe not so little now) into a crazy unbalanced world knowing they have the potential to be great as well.  So, why is it so challenging?
Well, there are a lot of answers to that, but here is the main insight I get from all of this.  We can do it all and transform all the lives we touch.  How?  by first knowing who WE are and letting go of the detractions or the “shiny” as I call it, and keep our focus on what we do that brings us closer to our goals : our ultimate freedom.   We have challenges, “gremlins” as I call them, but they really hold the secret to your successes.  We tend to get all caught up in our heads and in our own way from being the successful and powerful business owners and parents we are capable of being. Yes, we limit our own success, and it has little to do with the latest marketing trend.  It all comes down to us and how we are wired for success…as a business owner, a parent, and all our other priceless relationships in our lives.
What I want for you is to easily & gracefully show the world how brilliant you are, to own your light and share that brilliance without limitation.  You are meant to change lives for the better, and the best place to start is with YOU.  Be the pebble that causes all the ripples, own your brilliance and show your kids how it is done for they are the change-makers who are following your lead.
With Grace & Ease, C
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