Hiya, how was your holiday break?  Mine was crazy with family and kids running every where, but a lot of fun, too.  Now I’m back in the work space preparing for my upcoming year, and reading Danielle La Port’s Desire Map off her website (daniellelaport.com).  and I am inspired.

As you can see in the advertisements and emails flying around, everyone wants to clear out and plan for our new year ahead.  Reading the Desire Map, I have had an “a-Ha!”  As many of you know, I have used a heart centering technique for years to help my clients get clear before they start any work with me like personal mentoring or workshops.  What I realized is that when you get focused on what you want to feel, which is the same as getting centered in your heart, everything you create with that feeling in mind is in alignment with what you truly know in your heart.  So, using that feeling as your guide gives you the clarity to navigate your path to accomplish your goals.  Like when you get that new car or fill your coaching program you are actually feeling what you want to feel: inspired, free, successful instead of empty or anti-climatic.  Satisfaction in your intentions and therefore your goals all stem from first knowing what you want to feel…in your heart.  And I can help you do just that.

Special note:  I am personally inviting you to join me for my Heart-Centered Coaching Circle starting in January: for your business, your relationships, for yourself.  Email me for details here>>>cristy@cristynix.com.

Warmly, C

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