August 23rd ~ September 22nd

  • Azurite enhances intuitive and psychic connection/development, eliminate indecision & worry, enhances creativity & flow of energy. Mellows the intellect with love and helps one speak from the heart. Also helpful in dissolving energy blocks.
  • Carnelian is a stone which can powerfully activate the second chakra, for enhanced creativity and (in adults) heightened sexuality. It is said to be a good stone for bringing people who are ‘too spiritual’ into an enjoyment and appreciation of the physical world.
  • Citrine enhances creativity, mental clarity, will power and sensuality. It is said to enhance alertness, to attract wealth and prosperity, and to connect the mind to the higher spiritual realms.
  • Jade can assist in various types of self-healing, both emotional and physical. It is associated with the heart, and is also believed to help one to find prosperity and abundance.
  • Jasper is a 3rd chakra stone, but can be used to balance all of them; Protection, grounding, “supreme Nurturer” stone, stabilizes Aura, can be used to align chakras and in dowsing.
  • Moss Agate can enhance the achievement of personal goals, the acquisition of prosperity, the healing of wounds from past lives, the ability to communicate with nature spirits and the grounding of one’s spiritual energies within the physical body.
  • Sapphire assists in healing all parts of the body, strength, offers mystical knowledge of earth & it’s energy with kindness and compassion, “stone of uniformity” towards developing humanity towards fulfillment and well-being.
  • Zircon is the “stone of virtue” bringing one back into virtuous balance with universal forces, promotes unions on all levels and balance, and symbolizes the central universal ideal that we are all part of “all that is”, as well as, innocence, purity, and consistency.
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