Hi all,

Do you know when you are supposed to go with your instincts, but you don’t?  Ready to follow your insight and discover your own natural flow of energy in everyday life?  Come join me for a night of learning how you are already using your insight through your body’s own energy centers, the chakras, and learn how to trust that gut feeling!

We will have an in-person group here in Austin, as well as a call in number if you want to join us from your own space.   I look forward to chatting with you!
Details:  Insight & the chakras:  trusting your own feelings
In-Person:  All Classes will be held centrally located at the Harmony~Balance center off 2222 & Mopac: 3321 Hancock Dr Austin, TX 78731.
Date:  Wednesday, March 21st
Time: 7pm to 9pm CST
Investment: $35 per person, Tele-conference is available for this session.

Sign Up:  Yes, I want to hear this!  cristy@practicalintuitive.com

**Downloads/recordings of this class will be available after each session if you want to attend but cannot for the class price.

With Grace & Ease, C

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