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Create a Thriving Business with Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business Stratgist

This weekend, I heard a message from spirit that so inspired me, I thought I would share.  Let’s see if it inspires you, too.  

I was sitting in church listening to the message for the week, and I heard in my head something that just stuck with me:  

That “Thriving is the urge to grow from the inside out.”

“Wow” I thought, “that is SO true!”…and I wrote it down on my phone so I would not forget.

Lately as I chat with inspiring women entrepreneurs who are established in their businesses + interested in the Purposeful Mastermind, I am noticing a trend.  Maybe it is just me, but this is what I’m seeing.  

The ladies I am pulling to me are ready to be more confident in putting themselves + their businesses out there in their own unique way.  Really ready to integrate their spirit into how they do business.  It amazes me to be a part of it.

They all started their businesses because they were good at it and needed to generate income.  Now, they have a business that they are ready to really build beyond referrals.  So, where do you start to fill the urge to grow your business?  My suggestion?  Make sure your foundation is set so you don’t topple over (seen it, not pretty).

Here are some questions I ask:

1. What is the purpose of your business? (be specific, more than “I’m here to grow businesses in love + joy” ) 

2. What makes what you do unique?

3. What is your motivation?  Your why?

4. What is your ultimate result your clients get with you?

5. What is your solution + who benefits most from it?

6. What is your Marketing Style? = Communication Style + Marketing Strategies (often your marketing plan)

So, if you cannot fully + concisely answer the above, let’s chat. I have a knack for helping you get clear so you can move forward doing what you do best + how you do it best.  Get your free chat time here>>>

Hope this helped you get a feel for what you need to work on in your business to really start Thriving!!!

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