While chatting with one of my Heart-Sync Coaching Circle ladies last night, Shirley Norwood, I found myself explaining how I jump start my day to be more focused and clear on what I want to accomplish and feel good about: Brain dumping. I know if sounds a little crazy, but I have found that before I step foot into my office ( sitting in the car, or at the breakfast table, or right before my morning meditation) I write everything down that is bouncing around in my head…brain dumping. It can be tasks, to do’s, wants, feelings, any thing really. Just getting it down on paper or recorded in my phone is a huge weight of my shoulders. I feel like I am clear and ready to do the task a hand without fear of losing anything important. Also, this is a great habit to do before bed, too.
So, try it and let me know how it works for you…and if you do it differently, I would love to hear your process. Big hugs, C

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