For purposeful entrepreneurs, your business is a natural extension of you, right?  Your business is made up of you: a unique combination of strengths, talent, skills, + perspective.  It is this combination that makes you stand out in your market place.  So, what do you do to level up and really make your business, well, more you?  


Cristy Nix, Intuitive Marketing Strategist

what’s your unique style?

This is a question I find myself asking often of my purposeful business owners when they are established + thriving but ready to really grow, but don’t know where to start.

What do you know you are not doing, but know you should be somehow in your business?  In your life?

…and they always have something.  An idea, a book title, a concept, a brilliant plan pushed to the back and out on the “wish list”.  It is amazing to me that this little or big piece of brilliance has been bouncing around in their heads for a while now…and for some odd reason they cannot fathom, it keeps popping up at the strangest times.

So, take a minute and ask yourself the same question.  What comes up for you?  Don’t judge it or discount it (which happens a lot!).  Just let it come, no matter how ridicules and write it down in it’s entirety.  

Now, ask yourself when this idea first came to you?  do you have an event or time in your life where you clearly remember what was going on?  what were you doing, feeling?  is that similar to what you are feeling now?

What would it take to put this brilliance in motion?  what support would you need?  time?  investment? do you feel it is doable?

I’ve seen this same thing happen again + again for my clients…and it always feels the same, “Brilliant, but not practical”.

Ok, so let me give you guys a heads up.  Spirit does not do practical…it sends inspiration when the time is right for it to be done.  And it is not necessarily on YOUR time table.  

What does this mean for you?  “Time to make the doughnuts” like the Dunkin Doughnut’s commercial says.  

Put your big girl panties on and do it!  Just decide really, that you are open to receive and have made the choice to accept + honor the gift.  

Then Spirit will send you everything you need to make it happen.  That is the promise of working with Spirit.

So, if you are a purposeful entrepreneur ready to take your business from making some money to becoming a lifestyle supporting empire, then I suggest getting clear on what you want…and your first step is accepting that what you have always wanted to do IS what you should be doing in some form (monetizing it could use some support like me).  Start there.

More to come…check back soon!

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Cristy Nix, Confidence Coach + Communications Expert

Heart Sync Group with Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business Strategist

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Purpose-Driven Mastermind Group with Cristy Nix

Purpose-Driven Mastermind Group with Cristy Nix

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