Riding the emotional wave

Getting clarity for the emotional defined. 
How do you ride the wave and know when you are done?
For 50% of us, we are emotionally defined, called emotional authority, which means we have our Solar Plexus colored in on our human design chart. This means we have a consistent way we deal with emotion, and it changes our timeline on making decisions in a way that is correct for us.
These are the gates in the Solar Plexus:
While other human design types can make decisions in the moment or by just knowing, we often have to ride the wave of emotion, the excited to the not so thrilled to see how we feel about our decision when we come back to center.
The bigger the decision or impact on us,  the longer it take to feel it out + ride the wave usually. 
I find it best to sleep on it when it’s a bigger decision.  I also can feel a click when it’s time to decide…like the emotion has past like a cloud of feeling  + I feel at peace with whatever my choice is. 
So the question is: Do you still feel good about it or not? Then trust it + Go with that. Even then we will never be 100% “absolutely yes!”. It’s just how we are wired.
However, I have found than sometimes my Solar Plexus doesn’t chime in at all.  It’s like I check in and get a “meh” response.  That is my sign that it doesn’t really matter emotionally either way.  So I go with what feels fun + exciting. 
So, where does the wave come from?
Each gate has it’s own wave frequency:  Individual, Tribal or Collective.  Individual waves (gates 55 + 22) are individual depending on your energy.  Tribal is little bit up + down all the time until something big comes your way.  Then you can experience big “Yes” or big “Nope” .  Collective wave tends to build then drop, build then drop again.  If you feel like all hope is lost or heading that way, take a deep breath + remind yourself that this is just a wave + things will change for the better.  They always do.
For me, my wave is Individual with G22, Grace/Surrender, and it feels pretty steady until something big comes to me to respond to (Manifesting Generator strategy).  If I feel super excited about it, that’s my sign to check in to see how I emotionally feel about it.  Is this a good opportunity for me?  Does it it feel right?  Is it the right time to do this? 
For instance:  An exciting opportunity comes up for you to respond to (like someone asking you to present at a conference or do an interview).  Your initial reaction is “OOO, that would get me in front of so many people” or “that sounds like fun!”  Then you sit with it, and you start really feeling into all the work it would take, how long you have to get everything ready, and is this really your target audience?  So, you sleep on it.  Checking in in the morning, you re-read the email invite.  Your sacral is still a “Yes, this is a good opportunity for you” + your Solar is “Yep, I feel good about doing this”…then you accept the invite.
If you woke up and felt a heaviness in your chest or doubt about doing it, I’d respond, “no, not right now”.  There is something that isn’t quite right, might be timing or lack of information for you to really be in alignment with the best outcome.
Mental note to self:  “No right now does NOT mean no forever”
Oh, so what about using our intuition?
Yep, We have other “signals” that we are naturally wired with to give us the signs we are on the right track in our decision making process. Never fear!
We also have our intuition, which we are ALL wired with that gives us the heads up that something is coming we need to pay attention to. It can be really subtle, so I find slowing down, checking in + practicing being connected to Spirit essential for us especially emotionally defined. If you go at breakneck speed you will probably miss your intuition cues…and things could end up being a lot messier than they need to be.
So, let me breakdown the basic process for us emotionally defined:
It all starts with a subtle hint that hey, there is something we need to pay attention to. This will attract your attention to start paying attention.  Then either your sacral or Spleen (for non-sacral beings like Projectors + Manifestors) will get all excited or “meh” over whatever it is.
When you get excited, then that’s your sacral/Spleen saying, “ You have the energy for this”. or “this will be fun for you”. So begins your emotional wave.  You might experience super excitement all the way down to absolute dread + doubt. That’s ok. It’s the whole purpose of your wave, to figure out if it’s right for you or not. Then comes the clarity.  For us it will feel like a click when all of a sudden you feel really clear one way or another. Not saying there won’t be emotion with it like excitement or dread, but you will know if it’s right or not. If you still feel “meh” it’s just not time, so sock it away for another day.
Now timing is both intuitive + divine.  If you have a defined spleen, timing will be consistent for you to recognize. It either feels safe or not. Doubt will kick up its ugly little head often to get you to pause, but that’s usually your sign to ask for a external sign from your sacral, the most powerful motor in human design. It’s the one that tells you if you have the energy to do whatever comes into your outer reality.  The timing will feel Divine or even click when the emotional charge is gone+ you might even feel a gentle nag that it’s time to move forward with this.  It will either feel right and light, meh, or a hard “no.”  Keep in mind it is emotion, fluid like water, so it will never be 100% one way or another.  Just more of one than the other….like 80%.
So, how does this look in every day existence?
Rin decided she wanted to buy a new sofa. She’d been wanting one for a while, and found one online she really liked. So, on impulse she ordered it. After sleeping on her decision (usually best for emotional authority), she realized, “nope, this doesn’t feel right”. This is commonly called buyers remorse. She got all panicked, doubting her choice and if it was right or not. In the end, she cancelled the order. 
A few weeks later she got a notice of a new furniture line offering a sofa she really loved the look of. Excited, she slept on the decision to get it or not. She went through all the wave of doubt and excitement to get to a feeling of “yes” but she could not bring herself to order it. Her feeling or intuition was “not right now.” So, she decided to honor her intuition and wait. That next week, she got an email her sofa was on sale! Checking in with her sacral, she realize the thought of the sofa was still exciting. Then she felt a “click” of knowing, “this is the right time”. The sofa was ordered, came in on time and was perfect.
Intuition shows us our timing of right place right time.  Excitement or joy is our sign that we have the energy for the task at hand, and it will bring us satisfaction in the end.  Dread is a hard “no”, while “meh” means wait and see what else comes into our energy field from outside.
So, if you are emotionally defined it helps to allow yourself to slow down a bit.  To take your time.  Pay attention to your intuitive hits that an opportunity is coming into your awareness. Excited is your sign to sit with it or sleep on the decision. Then, if it still feels right, do it.
When you follow your emotional authority and ride the wave, the steps you take are so much easier. Very thing seems to fall into place. Deep breath. You got this.
For more information on using your intuition or what’s in your human design chart, click here.
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