As I am recovering and coming down from the intensive load of info from the Gifted Conference with Baeth Davis & Pamelah Landers, I am reflecting on insight that came to me that really hit home.

Pay attention.

I know it is simple, but the truth.

Intuition is all about listening and slowing down to know what you are drawn to do next.  I had some brilliant insights at the conference that I will share in the next few weeks, but what really struck home for me is to slow down and by being centered in your heart, PAY ATTENTION.  It is as easy as that.

Your inner guidance is always guiding you.  You just have to realize it and be present to hear it.  It was the theme of most of the conversations I had at the conference of intuitive, aware women mostly.

Pay attention because you already know the answer!

Now, go do it.

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