Hi All, I am working with Isabel again to stay focused and passion oriented.  Here is an article I have that showcases what she offers & I do as a business woman in a passion-based business.  Enjoy!  C

Passion Marketing  by Isabel Parlett

The First Ingredient of Sharing Your Voice, Building Your Business is:  Embrace Being A Different Kind of Business Owner.  When I mastered this first ingredient, it freed me from a lot of the shoulds of being a business owner, and got me curious about figuring out how to do business my way.

So, what moved you to create your business?

The traditional motivation for creating a business has been to generate profits by filling existing market needs. A prudent and practical way to do that is to pick a product or service that you know is wanted and that has an easy-to-find and ready-to-buy market. When a business is designed from this perspective, we can call it a market-based business.

But over the years, more and more people have begun to design their business for a very different reason…as a vehicle to express themselves in the world. This is what we call the passion-based business. In this mindset, the business is designed around you—your passion, your strengths, and your soul’s calling. You may not have evidence, but you have faith, that there is an urgent need for you to provide what you are drawn to offer.

Important: This distinction does not mean that a passion-based business can’t be highly profitable or that a market-based business can’t be run with tremendous passion and spirit.

Why is it important to understand this difference?

 You may find,  like many of my clients, that recognizing yourself as passion-based business owner creates a tremendous amount of relief. It explains why you’ve been told your business idea isn’t marketable and why you’ve been discouraged from pursuing it — because it doesn’t fit into what’s known and obvious. It explains why even when you’ve tried your best to follow traditional formulas, you haven’t put together communication that really gets to the heart of your story. That you’ve only produced words that fall flat or seem to miss the point.

Most traditional marketing advice is designed for market-based businesses. If you have a passion-based business from which you would like to generate income, you need a new set of tools for getting your message out into the world. Passion-based businesses need to take an additional step to bring their businesses to fruition that traditional ones don’t. That step is developing a message-based language to communicate not only what you offer but why it’s important. Without this language, the passion-based business is a good, heartfelt idea that may fail to meet its market.

Ultimately, in a passion-based business, you are creating the opportunity to say what is in your hearts and you feel you need to say, whether or not people appear to be listening. From this spiritual perspective, you trust that you need to say it for your own fulfillment as much as to reach those who are listening and can hear. To feel fully alive and fully expressed, at the end of the day you want to know that you have done your best to completely give voice to what you are called to say.

Check out Isabel’s website:  http://soundbiteshaman.com/

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