Hello, My Inspired Entrepreneur!


Cristy Nix, your intuitive business + soul alignment coach here, and I’m so excited to share something with you that I, myself have dealt with recently that has affected my personal + business life.

Being disconnected.  It sucks, just in general.  In your business, it can mean no clients or sales for the week…month…months even.  
So, what does it mean?  Disconnected is being out of alignment from the inside out. Your business is made up your heart + soul, right?  It’s an active part of you. So, if you are not feeling inspired, then your personal self is where you need to start looking for answers.

Where do we look: Disconnected can be on any of the 4 levels of self : Physical, Emotional, Mental, + Spiritual
What does it feel like?  Disconnected feels like: cranky, unhappy, Drained, Depressed, Pushed/forced, overwhelmed, or maxed out.
Find out what + why: try a simple breathing exercise to look into your body to find out where you feel heavy, closed, dark, cold/warm..where is the block sitting?

Then tune in + ask why, and get clear on how to resolve it or release it to get connected again.

So, how do you re-connect?  
My 3 ways to get connected quickly: 
  1. walking meditation, 
  2. talk to someone who gets you w/o judgment
  3. Share your gifts to make someone’s life better.

So excited to have you here.  Please leave ways you know when you are disconnected, + how you reconnect.

Share + pass on.

Exciting stuff!

Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business + Confidence Coach + Communications Expert

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