Crazy question, right?  
But if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just plain stressed out over the results you are not seeing in your business, then you might find it hard to stay motivated, confident, or even take action ~ the steps you need to move your business forward for more money, more impact, + more fun!

So, how hard is it for you to make a decision in your business?  do you feel like you need all the facts?  write down the pros + cons?  weigh your decision?  figure out the risks?

or do you just run + jump off, figuring you’ll deal with the repercussions later?
Get motivation + confidence with Intuitive Business Coach, Cristy Nix

Need a fire lit under you?

As I’m watching my 6 year old son debate on the end of the diving board at our local pool, I start to ask myself, “what is he thinking?”  Then 5 agonizing minutes later when he does decide to take the leap, he is ecstatic and cannot wait to do it again.  Mean while, my 3 year old we know gets in her own way, so we tell her to run + jump, not thinking but feeling the freedom, and she does not even hesitate this time…and jumps right in, eager to do it again.  She forgets the past 16 times she got on the board and just looked down into the water, paralyzed, only to turn around and get down. 

I see this all the time in guiding other inspired entrepreneurs who are living your business from the inside out.  You are naturally going to get in your own way, talking yourself out of opportunities,  procrastinating so you purposely miss things, or letting the gremlins of fear + doubt take a seat on your shoulder as you are pulled to start a new project.

So, looking at your business that you love to do, the lives you transform with your work + your soul-full biz that really wants to support you, what are the fears + hesitations that always seem to come up?

Where would you like to feel more confident?  where do you want to take action + just run off the diving board knowing what is on the other side is amazing?  I mean, it has to be better than this, sitting on the edge in all this stress + worrying, right?
Get motivation + confidence with Intuitive Business Coach, Cristy Nix

Need some confidence to take imperfect action?

Here are 5 steps to get you moving forward into biz bliss right now!

What are some steps to get our of worry + doubt and into confidence + action?
1. Breathe…shift into your heart space + talk to your heart self from here…making decisions from here are always easier + in alignment with your highest good.
2. Get clear on what you really want:  is it a feeling you want to feel?  or a goal/success?
3. Get a focused plan with easy steps you feel are doable + can take without the overwhelm.  If you feel you cannot do it, even if you know you have the ability, you will not get the end result you really want.  It’s that plain + simple.
4. Sit in the confidence that you can + will do this with grace + ease.  surround yourself with supportive peers + coaches or mentors who believe in you, too.  Super essential.
5.  Know you can take action without it being perfect….this seems to be a big stumbling block for a lot of us.  Everything you do is perfect as it is meant.  Nothing will even be close to perfect unless you actually do it.  So, suck it up and stop thinking…run to the edge and just jump!

To sum it up, here are my steps to taking imperfect action, right now!  Get clarity, focus, doable action plan, confidence, imperfect action!

There, are you ready to tackle that decision or the gremlins getting in your way, holding you back from being as successful + thriving as you KNOW you can be?

If you need help getting out of your own way, I’d love to be of help.  Click here for a free Quick Biz Breakthrough Session…It will get you inspired + ready to take some imperfect action.

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Exciting stuff!  C
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