Marketing Strategy Session

For all Purposeful, Service-Based Entrepreneurs!

One of the most common challenges I have found my clients have is knowing saying what they are here to do, and then how to put it out there easily to reach their ideal clients the first time.  Been there, Done that!

My Question Back is: What is the purpose, or ultimate result, of your work?  What makes you different? And are you getting all the IDEAL clients you want?

This lady is Brilliant!

I highly recommend this offering…

If this sounds like you, then I suggest a Marketing Strategy Session

It’s Purpose ~

  • to help you get clear and excited about how you communicate + connect with your ideal clients
  • walking away with a doable action plan in a short about of time
  • without feeling overwhelmed

How did I get the idea?  See a need, Fill a need.  One of my clients the other day told me something that took me by surprise: “You gave me in 30 minutes what others could not in over an hour!”  Wow, that is powerful stuff.  Rather intense, right?  And then another client told me the same thing…so there must be something to it.

So, I’m going to pass this on to you in the form of a program focused totally on your personal communication style.

What you will get from the session:

~ Clarity on what is working for you + what is not

~ The best way for you to personally communicate with your ideal clients

~ Where to find + connect with those clients

~ How to build the relationship that becomes a win/win for both of you so they keep buying from you

~ Realize the role your intuition plays + how to use this tool to keep feeding your client pipeline

Yes, and all in 90 minutes.  Plus, you will receive the recording so you don’t have to worry about not getting all the juicy details while we brainstorm.

Your investment ~ $397

Ready to get started?  Cool, just click here to pay and then watch your inbox for the calendar link.

When you know you are here to transform lives, you need a clear plan of doable action to make things happen!Exciting Stuff!Heart Sync Group, Intuitive Business Strategist