So, what does it take to be a woman entrepreneur?  Are you wired with different skills, talent, or knowledge?

Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business Strategist + Coach,

Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business Strategist + Coach

After chatting with a new client, I realized sometimes we choose to be an entrepreneur and other times, it chooses us.

I gladly chose to the an entrepreneur because being 9 to 5 was literally making me sick: too much stress, personalities, + politics that I didn’t want to deal with, and it was directly affecting my health.

My newest client on the other hand, like so many of my others, chose the path of the entrepreneur for her own reasons, but in the end it is the same…FREEDOM!

So, what makes us an entrepreneur? Are we just wired differently than the 9 to 5-ers?  In a word, YES! And there are several things that go into being + making an entrepreneur, but it all begins with need to be free! 

We all want freedom: to choose when we work, to do work we love, and how we work during the day, as well as, who we work with and how we serve them.  

I find for most of my women entrepreneurs, it’s the freedom to have more time with our families….so, it is our lifestyle.  

A lifestyle business ~ I see this as a business that gives us the freedom to be who we are naturally, and that fits the life we really want to lead.  When we are entrepreneurs, we have the flexibility to design our business to fit our life, not the other way around.  That is the common thread I am finding in the clients I work with…that we are all pulled to be independent so we can have a life that does not revolve around work but around the life we cherish most.

It’s also the freedom to live out our Vision + the pull to do more for the world:  have you ever noticed how when you are inspired by something or a situation, you all of a sudden can see the potential in the situation…a glimpse of what can be?  Then you get all fired up and enthusiastic and probably scare the pants off the others around you, but hey…that is how you are wired, right?  That higher energy boost is what brings in the good stuff:  some call it client attraction, others law of attraction, but it is our own essence that pulls the good stuff in, however that looks for you.  

So, remember what I like to call the “Chihuahua on crack” giddy feeling.  That will help you speak from the heart + know if a client is right for what you offer…and if they are, they almost always say that wonderful word, “YES!”

That naturally leads us to the next blog topic…what makes a successful entrepreneur?  I have found several things go into a successful women entrepreneur, and most of it is mindset or how you see from the inside out….but we will talk about that next time.

Until then, Start thinking on what is your need for freedom that brought you into being an entrepreneur? 

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